YouTube Marketing for Schools : Top Definitive Guide 2021

YouTube Marketing for Schools is a great way of getting your school messages out to a lot of people and reaching out to prospective parents and students. You build up a subscriber base, so those subscribers get notified when you upload new videos or you run YouTube Ads.

YouTube Marketing for Schools is a great way of getting your school messages out to a lot of people and reaching out to prospective parents and students. You build up a subscriber base, so those subscribers get notified when you upload new videos or you run YouTube Ads.

School owners need to know where to find prospective parents and also be aware that people’s choice in relation to the internet landscape is constantly shifting and it can sometimes be difficult to keep up in order to make a success of school business online.

Also know that because something worked yesterday, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work today or tomorrow. This is the more reason why schools must  find new avenues, platforms and new approaches to discover where their prospective students or parents are, and I can tell you with confidence that one of such places is YouTube.

youtube marketing for schools

If you have a school YouTube Channel where you upload videos of events, learners at work, teachers teaching, students sporting activities, awards among many, then by following the simple rules that I’ll show you in this post, your uploaded school videos cannot fail to show up – either on YouTube itself or on Google search when people search using related keyword or keyword phrase.

If you don’t have a YouTube Channel for your school, then you need to set one up immediately. Its free. Google won’t charge you a Kobo for setting up a YouTube Channel. All you will spent is your data.

Benefiting from implementing YouTube Marketing for schools

There are lots of ways your school can make use of YouTube videos. Such ways include:

  • Your school traditional brand marketing
  • Your school products and services marketing to potential parents and students
  • Employee communications.

The most interesting thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune making videos for YouTube marketing for schools. You can produce video in a quick and inexpensive fashion.

The most surprising thing is that YouTube won’t charge you a Kobo. Everything you post on the YouTube site is completely free of charge. Just don’t over-think or over analyze things before you get started.

No need for fancy equipment to implement YouTube Marketing for Schools

You really don’t need any fancy tools to get started making your school videos straight-away. In fact, you don’t even need to stand in front of a camera if the idea of that scares the pants off you unless you want to record videos of events, learners at work, teachers teaching, students sporting activities, awards among many .You simply need some simple free screen-casting software and a microphone.

Why Implement YouTube Marketing for Schools ?

Why implement YouTube Marketing for Schools? Well, because YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world. Second only to Google. Yeah You heard right, first, followed by This means if people are searching for relevant information or solution to a problem, the first of all think of and then YouTube. Yes, you can consider YouTube too as a search engine ( I know you want to ask that question)


Currently, there are over 1 billion viewers of YouTube across the globe. This figure keeps growing daily and I personally don’t see it stopping anytime soon. and it just

Are you aware that over 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed each day? Do you see why you must implement YouTube Marketing for schools?

Another reason to Implement YouTube Marketing for Schools

Let me ask you a personal question. When you feel like watching a video, which site do you visit? YouTube of course. When you think of downloading a video watching site App on your mobile phone, which App do you first think of downloading from Play-store? YouTube, isn’t it?

The same thing applies to billions of people around the world and that is inclusive of Nigerians and Africans. Have you also noticed that people (both make and female) now prefer watching movies on their mobile phones.

Yeah you may think they do so on Netflix or other video watching platforms, but I can confidently tell you that most are watched on YouTube, because its free to watch, unlike subscription services like Netflix, and you still get to get paid by Google for displaying Ads when people watch your videos.

In fact, Comscore, A leading internet research company found that people typically spend 7 1/2 times longer watching YouTube videos than their nearest competitor. In fact, they found that 99% of all searchers on Google looking for videos went straight to YouTube. So you see what you are missing as a school if you do not have a YouTube Channel for your school business and success.

Even now displays videos from YouTube on its Search Engine Result Page (SERP) because Videos appeal to the searches and many people who do not want to read lots of test will simply go to a video.

Businesses small and large in Nigeria, Africa and all over the world have discovered the leverage that YouTube can give in terms of marketing their products and services. In fact, just in case you don’t know, YouTube is the hottest new medium for online marketing and as a school you are missing out a lot if you have not yet thought of making use of YouTube Marketing for Schools in Nigeria and Africa.

Who will watch your School YouTube Videos when you implement YouTube Marketing for Schools?

YouTube’s viewers come from all ages, sociographic and demographic groups. The age distribution of YouTube’s user base; the attractive 18–44 demographic represents 56% of YouTube’s viewers. In terms of gender distribution, it’s a fairly even 55% male/45% female split.

More and more users watch YouTube on their mobile phones, either on Android or iPhone; the YouTube app is one of the most popular applications for the iPhone and Android phones. And an increasing number of people are watching

YouTube in their living rooms, as an increasing number of flat screen TVs and Blu-ray players come with Internet connectivity—and a YouTube widget—built in.

I can tell you lots of people will watch your YouTube videos when you decide to implement YouTube marketing for schools. Have you not observed over the years that it appears YouTube is replacing traditional television viewing for many users.

Take a look at the Yoruba Movie industry, they now have their movies online showing on different Yoruba YouTube Movie channels, what about the Igbo Movie makers or the English Language Movie makers.

youtube marketing nigeria

Are you thinking what am thinking? Maybe not. But, this is what am thinking right now, do you know how many views your promoted school video can get just by promoting it on YouTube? Millions I tell you, if you do it right and the video views can lead to more traffic to your website more calls on your school line and more physical visit to your school from prospective parents and students.  

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According to Google, an average YouTube viewer spends 164 minutes online every day; in contrast, viewers spend just 130 minutes per day watching traditional television. So this pops up the big question once again, where would you rather put your school marketing message? I leave that to you to answer.

What type of videos should you produce when you start implementing YouTube Marketing for Schools?

The fact is, you want to create a YouTube Channel because you want to promote your school. This means you have to create promotional videos. Promotional videos are those videos produced to market a company, its brands, or its products and services.

Now you have to do some analysis and find out what types of videos work best to get your school message across? The key is to offer a video that YouTube users actually want to watch. That means a video that has some sort of entertainment, educational, or informational value. It simply means your video needs to entertain, educate, or inform if not, be ready to watch your video yourself because no one will watch it.

Educational Videos

An educational video educates the viewer. It shows the viewer how to do something useful with the services your school is offering. This means

  • producing a “how to” video
  • A step-by-step guide to mastering a particular subject topic.

For example, if you offer science, you could create a video showing how to create a manual washing machine at home. Make sure the washing machine is being created by a group of science students in your school not the teachers.

The key here is to offer truly useful content. Nothing theoretical or ethereal; down-to-earth practicality is what attracts YouTube viewers. Make the task common enough to draw a large audience, produce an easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial, and then use the video to promote other areas of your school without directly marketing enrolment even though that is your bottom-line aim.

Entertaining Videos

Maybe you posted some funny questions asked by your kindergarten learners, maybe your event MC made a joke that is entertaining during your parents forum, maybe you put your Headteacher in a funny situation.

Whatever you do, it has to be something that viewers find interesting and at least a little humorous to take the stress off them. It has to be something that people might like to share with their friends. Viral videos are a result of people sharing links with each other, and you bet that people definitely will share those videos they find most entertaining.

Informative Videos

This type of video is YouTube equivalent of an infomercial. An Infomercial is a video that provides useful information to the viewer. This information can be anything from a guided tour of school environment to a school prefect talking about why her parents enrolled her in your school and why she chooses to stay. This type of video leaves the viewer with more informed than he has before he started watching your school video.

youtube marketing for schools

The key is to provide information that your current or prospective parents and students find truly useful. This helps establish your school as an authority on this topic, that when they want to make a decision on enrolment, they first of all think of you because of the useful information you already provided them.

Why you should use professionally captured video when implementing YouTube Marketing for Schools

Vast majority of YouTube videos uploaded come from the usage of mobile phone video capturing apps, camcorders, webcams and professional produced ones. If people are using all these tools and mediums to create and upload videos on their YouTube Channel, why go to the expensive way of creating an expensive professionally produced video when implementing YouTube Marketing for Schools?

Good question isn’t it? Well, dress the way you want to be address. The thing is you wouldn’t want your video to look like an amateur one, would you?

There are definitely good reasons to use professionally captured video, as there are equally reasons not to.

The good reasons to go the professional way when implementing YouTube Marketing for Schools
  • They pack the much more powerful punch that their brands demand.
  • You get more than just a better-looking video. You get a better produced video, all the way around
  • You’ll get expertise to help you develop your concept, write your script and coach your on-air talent.
  • This is what your already and potential customers expect; anything less would give people a reason to speak low of your brand message.
Caution when implementing YouTube Marketing for Schools

One major caution to beware of when going with professional video is that the YouTube viewer community will assume the video to be a commercial one and you might not get what you want, but if it is a YouTube video Ads you wish to run, then go ahead and use professional equipment.

Also, beware of any video production firm that promises you they can create a viral video for your school marketing on YouTube. Steer clear away from such because no one knows when a video will go viral), or guarantees a certain number of views. The only thing a video production can do for your school video production plan is produce a video, to the standard you specify.

Free video editing programs you can use to edit your videos before uploading to YouTube

You can edit your videos using any of the software below before uploading to your  YouTube channel. Most of these software provide a platform to upload directly to YouTube.

  • Avidemus
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • iMovie
  • Animotica
  • Open Shot
  • VSDC Video editor
Set your goals before you implement YouTube Marketing for Schools 

Yes, YouTube can boost your enrolment figure if you do the marketing right. Which means you need to have a reason for wanting to have a YouTube Channel and uploading videos. This in simple terms are your goals. You need to set up your goals, because your goals will make you not to loss focus and will ensure you are discipline and meet your target:

  • Do you want to create a corresponding landing page on your school website and direct viewers there after watching your video?
  • Do you want to offer a school fee reduction to reward those who click through?
  • Do you want to build your school brand?
  • Do you want to gather subscribers?
  • Do you want to attract new parents or students?

Once you have provided convincing answers to these questions, then you are ready to create your schools YouTube Channel.

YouTube Marketing for Schools in Nigeria & Africa  – Creating and Setting up your YouTube Channel

The videos below have been taken directly from YouTube itself. Watch to learn how to properly setup a YouTube Channel for your school.

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Watch this video from Littlegarth School. Click the play button to watch.

School Promotional Video Production | Littlegarth School

Hope you’ve learnt one or two things from this video on YouTube Marketing For Schools? How are you implementing YouTube Marketing for your own school? Tell us in the comment section.

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