WordPress is a powerful CMS package and to enjoy its optimum use and implement SEO effectively, you need to install WordPress SEO Plugins

Using WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria

Since I wrote about the Ultimate guide to SEO for business website in Nigeria in the previous post, it is perhaps natural that I extend my thought on WordPress SEO plugin for business website in Nigeria – The Ultimate list. 

WordPress SEO plugins you will ever need for business website in Nigeria

This post focuses mainly on the WordPress SEO plugins you will ever need to optimize your business website or blog in order to rank higher on Google or on other search engines.

Note that this is a compilation of the best WordPress plugins for SEO taken directly from the WordPress plugins repository based on:

  • Numbers of installations
  • Positive comments
  • Negative comments
  • Years in existence
  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress version
  • Upgrading capabilities

WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria – The Ultimate list is compiled from the WordPress Plugins directly

Also note that the descriptions and pictures of each plugin is directly taken from the plugins page on WordPress.org. All WordPress plugins pictures and description are therefore content of their original owners as spelt out on the WordPress plugins directly website (https://wordpress.org) from where the details about each plugin is directly taken from.  

wordpress plugins dashboard image 2

WordPress an Ideal Solution for growing contents

WordPress is an ideal solution for growing your contents in an organized manner. It is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), powered by PHP, a scripting language, and MySQL, a relational database management system (RDBMS).

WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria 2020- The Ultimate list (TOC)

With WordPress, you no longer need to worry about knowing the code because the WordPress software does the code part for you. Mostly, all you have to do when you log in to your WordPress website dashboard boils down to only two simple things, which are:

  • To publish your thoughts and ideas.
  • Hit the publish button to make your content known to the world

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for WordPress?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the practice by which you increase both quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results to rank higher.

In using WordPress, you want to create a website which is optimized for the search engines, and easy for Google to index. When people search for topics you write about, you want your website’s pages and posts to have the best chance possible to show up on page 1 of Google search results.

WordPress themes for WordPress SEO

WordPress provide you with free themes and templates for your business website or blog designs. WordPress comes with a very nice default theme to get you started.

The Twenty Seventeen theme, created by the team from WordPress, which is displayed by default after you install and set up your site for the first time is the WordPress default theme.

2020 WordPress theme WordPress seo
2020 WordPress theme WordPress seo

You can choose to extend your WordPress site in a hundred ways with plugins and themes released by members of the WordPress community.

WordPress is arguably the most popular blogging software on the web because it is very easy to add contents like text, image, video, audio, etc. There are two (2) ways you can use WordPress. Let WordPress host your blog, or you host your own WordPress blog.

WordPress logo image
WordPress plugins

If you are hosting the blog yourself, you have to hire the services of a web host, and then install WordPress in the space provided to you. It is not difficult to do, and most web hosts have detail guide to help you start your blog.

Other than the fact that you can grow your website content almost ad infinitum, there are some compelling reasons why you may want to use WordPress for your web business site in Nigeria. Few of the reasons are:

  • Free themes or web designs are available in plenty
  • WordPress has more than tens of thousands free themes for use in its directory. 
  • Free plugins
  • WordPress has more than tens of thousand plugins in its repository for you to use freely, although some of them will require you to make payment for an upgrade to enjoy the plugin’s full capabilities.

These themes are suitable for almost every conceivable web business. What’s more, you can change the theme you choose to any way you want (if you know a bit of HTML coding), or go for a different theme any time. No need to pay a web designer that often put a hole in your pocket.

With WordPress, you will get:

  • Easily assign nested articles
  • Multiple categories to articles
  • Easy internal linking of your post content
  • Easy Meta description plugin
  • Clean permalinks
  • Easy way to add your pictures
  • Easy Alt descriptions for your images
  • Easy header description
  • Easy sub-heading description
  • Easy tag usage and so on
  • Easy SEO implementation
  • Easy implementation of different plugins for each defined task

All of these go to make a well-organized content structure for your business website, which is very good from the SEO viewpoint. In fact in a 2009 presentation Google’s Matt Cutts spoke eloquently about using WordPress. 

The most important and positive factor why you should make use of WordPress for your business website is the rich plugin architecture that lets you do so many things in your blog. The WordPress repository has more than 20,000 plugins to take care of your website design needs.

wordpress plugins dashboard image with 55,000 olugins

If you are new to it, you may feel overwhelmed by the reach and power of WordPress, and that may result into indecision and possibly inaction. Remember, you only need to stick to the essentials, and not try out too many things at a time.

Because at the end of the day it is your web business that is important and WordPress is just a tool in that process. Before we delve proper into WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria, let’s take a look at how search engines work.

A look at how search engines work before delving into WordPress SEO plugin for business website in Nigeria

When someone types a word into Google (or another search engine), sees a page listed from your site, and clicks through to visit your site, you have attracted a searcher.

If you do nothing at all, searchers may still find your site ( I never advise that you should wait on this please!) 

You know that potential customers are out there that you want to reach and that search engine optimization is one important way to do it. But it goes deeper than just installing WordPress and posting relevant content.

Moreover, any form of marketing can reach potential customers, that’s why marketing exists in the first place.

But Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is unique among marketing techniques in that searchers are out there looking for a particular content that will solve their problems. 

When such searchers pick up their phones, switch on their data and login to Google search and type something like “how to get rid of pimples from my face” into the search box, they are begging to receive relevant marketing messages.

Although not every search revolves around a potential purchase, but many who have done their home work on search engine optimization do. Your company, blog or website can be in the middle of those sites that show up during the searchers search.

Maximizing the number of searchers with WordPress SEO plugins

To maximize the number of searchers coming to your site, however, you must take specific actions to attract visitors to your site from search sites. 

wordpress seo plugins and maximizing
WordPress seo plugins and maximization

If you are using WordPress platform as the foundation for your site’s design, then you are at a luck because WordPress SEO plugins can aid your SEO implementation all the way.

There are three main steps search engines take to decide which content should be promoted to the top of search results. The three steps are:

  • They visit your site to create an index of the content to understand what individual pages are about, as well as the overall subject of your site.
  • They count links from other sites and blogs as “votes” on the quality of the content.
  • They count social shares – likes, tweets, etc. – as more “votes” for your content.

WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore

Although search engine algorithms are a complex mix of hundreds of ranking factors, most aspects of search engine optimization fit in to one of these areas.

Optimizing your business website or blog posts for SEO is an ongoing process that you must keep up with if you want to see maximum results.

All top WordPress SEO plugins allow you to add a title, description, and focus keyword to every blog post and page. It also shows you a preview of what users will see when they Google your website.

WordPress alone isn’t going to help you rank in Google. It’s just a tool. The good news is that WordPress makes it so simple to use SEO best practices. So even if you’re a beginner to SEO, you can optimize your website for higher Google rankings with ease using the plugins mentioned in this post.

Using some of the thousands of plugins and themes available, you can truly manage many kinds of content on your website. WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore, though it became well known as a blogging platform, you can use it to power diverse and dynamic websites that allow you to do things like:

  • develop an e-commerce site (selling products online) like Jumia.com.ng
  • create a members-only site where your content is curated only for those who have registered and become members of your site like nairaland.com
  • create a large corporate business site like hubspot.com

WordPress SEO plugins

Nowadays, running a successful WordPress site for businesses in Nigeria without using several plugins to make things easy for you is actually out-rightly impossible.

While some plugins can be downloaded and used absolutely for free, some comes on a limited trial basis that requires you to subscribe to continue making use of. 

Some plugins also come automatically with WordPress when you install it.

Some have to be paid for from the onset in order to acquire a license to use them. Today, we have hundreds of thousands of plugins out there that are ready to help you make your WordPress sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO) easy.

my wordpress plugins dashboard

When you start your WordPress site, it’s crucial that you give it the best possible chance for success. In this WordPress SEO plugin guide, I will be showing you the different types of WordPress SEO plugin you will be need to set up and optimize your website for the search engines.

WordPress SEO plugins – Plugins for anything you want to achieve on WordPress

There is literally a plugin for almost anything you want to achieve in WordPress. A quick glance at the WordPress Plugin Directory will show you just how many options are available.

Post, Pages, widgets, SEO, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Online learning, Chat, Group networking, you can name anything you want to create, they are all very well represented and finding the right one can be a full-time job for anyone. SEO alone has more than 2000 plugins dedicated to it.

WordPress plugin dashboard image

WordPress Plugins in PHP

It is important to note that WordPress plugins are written in PHP (an awesome open source programming language) and are usually accompanied by various other internet file types such as CSS, JavaScript, XML, images, JSON files, and so on.

Thanks to WordPress’s open architecture, developers can inject their plugin’s code throughout your blog or business website without you having to touch a single line of code, unless you decide to.

WordPress SEO plugins 2020 top list

Not too many plugins installation when implementing this WordPress SEO plugin guide

The only problem with having so many plugins out there is choosing which ones exactly to use. It’s not very smart to install all of them. Installing two or more plugins that performs the same functions can damage your site. 

So be careful. Yes! you can have about one hundred plugins that perform the same function. You don’t want to install more than one plugin that performs same functions.

Safety tips to consider before implementing WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria

It’s very important you have the following safety tips cemented on your mind and hold it in your left hand when considering installing any WordPress plugin especially WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria:

  • Understand that plugins have the ability to affect virtually every part of your blog.
  • Know that if a plugin developer is feeling evil, he could create mayhem to your website with a few tiny lines of code.
  • Make sure you trust the recommending source that’s promoting a plugin before you install it.
  • If a plugin is rated with 1 star by a lot of the community users, it would be wise to keep your distance.
  • If a plugin has been installed 40,000 times and has a 3+ star rating, it’s fair to say that it is trustworthy.
  • A plugin runs server-side code on your website, which means that a plugin can access your database(s), can read, write, and delete files, and even send e-mails from your domain.

I personally recommend and reference almost exclusively  http://Wordpress.org/plugins, the official WordPress.org Plugin Directory.

The WordPress plugins directory is the self-policing community that often provides very valuable and detailed pros and cons for almost every plugin, with the ability to sort by popularity, rank, and date released.

Please pay attention to this when you install WordPress plugins or WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria

The following are important areas to pay attention to when installing any WordPress plugins or any WordPress SEO plugins from the WordPress plugins directory:

  • The number of downloads shows how popular a plugin is
  • The average rating shows you what the community thinks about the plugin.
  • Last Updated date tells you if the project is still being actively worked upon.
  • Compatible up to tells you if the plugin has been tested on your version or not.
  • Keep in mind that a lot of plugins might not have been “tested” with your current version, but can still work.

Lets talk about the WordPress search and installation dashboard and directory before looking into WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria

Understand that after you search or browse by a tag, the WordPress plugin repository carries out the defined web task you are looking for, and you will be presented with a list of WordPress plugins that are available for you to install from WordPress’s Plugin Directory.

wordpress plugin dashboard description

Each will list its version number (the later the version, the more stable, usually), a community rating, a more detailed description, and an Installation link.

Now is a good time to remember that you are dealing with free software and what you are about to install will most likely offer no guarantees or warranties.

A survey of the best WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria – The Ultimate list

I decided to do a survey of the best WordPress SEO plugin that business website can use to implement their SEO and increase ranking on Google and other search engines.

This list is a collection of plugin perfection that’s sure to help you gain that competitive edge to stand out in your niche.

This list contained WordPress SEO plugins that will cover the following areas of your WordPress Seacrh Engine Optimization (SEO):

  • Internal linking
  • Social sharing
  • Related post
  • Local SEO configuration
  • Header optimization
  • Post content configuration
  • Keyword optimization and implementation

Simple Author Box for your WordPress SEO

Simple Author Box is one of the WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria that you should have on your WordPress website. It adds a responsive author box at the end of your posts. It shows:

simple author box wordpress seo plugin image

  • showing the author name and author bio.
  • It has over 30 social profile fields on WordPress user profile screen, which you can display alongside your picture and name.
  • It is fully customize and you can customize it to match the colour of your WordPress theme
  • It is mobile compatible and is nice looking on desktop, laptop, table and mobile phones.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page – https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-author-box/)

301 Redirects – Easy redirect manager plugin

301 Redirects – Easy redirect manager is a WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria that you will need in implementing your WordPress website SEO.

It will help you manage and create 301, 302, 307 redirects for your WordPress site so you can better improve SEO and your website visitor experience. 301 redirects has the following qualities:

301 redirects - easy redirect manager wordpress seo plugin image
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It is easy to install and configure.
  • It is easy for repairing links after re-organizing your existing WordPress content, or when your site has content that expires and you wish to avoid sending visitors to a 404 page.

It redirects indicates that the page requested has been permanently moved to the Destination URL, and helps pass on the Requested URLs traffic in a search engine friendly manner.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page –  https://wordpress.org/plugins/eps-301-redirects/)

Redirection plugin for WordPress SEO

Redirection is one of the most popular redirect manager plugin for WordPress.  It is a WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria that you can’t do without.

With it you can easily manage 301 re-directions, keep track of 404 errors, and generally tidy up any loose ends your site may have. This can help reduce errors and improve your site ranking.

redirection wordpress seo plugin

Redirection is designed to be used on sites with a few redirects to sites with thousands of redirects.

It has been a WordPress plugin for over 10 years and has been recommended countless times. And it’s free with an active installation of 1 million + installations.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page –  https://wordpress.org/plugins/redirection/)

YARPP Plugin By Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (http://mitcho.com/)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) is one of the best WordPress SEO for displaying related content and linking to other other post on your website (internal linking). Below the article will be a list of similar posts to the one you’re reading.

Yet another related post wordpress seo plugin image

It is good for Search engine optimization and increasing average time on site for your visitors. It also helps your readers and the search engine bots to find other posts on your website that are similar to the one they are currently reading.

Once installed and activated, the YARPP plugin is virtually done. Check out one of your blog posts, and see if you like the results.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page – https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/yet-another-related-posts-plugin/page/49/

Google XML Maps WordPress SEO plugin

With 2 + million installations, the Google XML WordPress plugin will help you to optimize the inner workings of your blog or business website. It is a WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria that you can’t do without. 

Google XML Sitemap allows you to easily generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engine spiders to crawl through your web- site and evaluate its content more efficiently.

Google XML sitemaps for wordpress seo

With this plugin, you won’t have to learn XML and do an audit of all your pages – this WordPress plugin does all of that for you. In addition, it automates the process of letting bots know that you’ve got new content up, so new pages can be ranked and indexed as soon as possible.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page – https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/ )

PB SEO friendly images WordPress plugin by Pascal Bajoprat

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress SEO plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes. It is a WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria that you can’t do without when considering optimizing the images on your website.

If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the options you set. Additionally this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well.

pb seo friendly images wordpress seo plugin image

ALT attribute is important part of search engine optimization. It describes your images to search engine and when a user searches for a certain image this is a key determining factor for a match.

TITLE attribute play lesser role but is important for visitors as this text will automatically appear in the tool-tip when mouse is over the image.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page –  https://wordpress.org/plugins/pb-seo-friendly-images/ )

Meta Tag Manager WordPress Plugin by Marcus Sykes

Meta Tags Manager is a simple, lightweight plugin which allows you to add custom meta tags to your site. It is a must have WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria

advanced meta tag management wordpress seo plugin image

Meta tags manager supports

  • meta tags including the name, property, http-equiv, charset and item prop attributes.
  • Add meta tags to specific posts, choose what Custom Post Types to support from our settings page.
  • Add global meta tags that will display on specific CPTs, Taxonomies, your front page or your whole site.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page –  https://wordpress.org/plugins/meta-tag-manager/ )

Google Page Speed Insights WordPress Plugin

Google Page speed Insights is a tool that empowers you to make decisions that increase the performance of your website. Recommendations from Google Page speed are based upon current industry best practices for desktop and mobile web performance.

Google page speed wordpress seo plugin

Through the addition of advanced data visualization, tagging, filtering, and snapshot technology, Google Page speed Insights for WordPress provides a comprehensive solution for any webmaster looking to increase their site performance, their search engine ranking, and their visitors browsing experience.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page –  https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-pagespeed-insights/ )

Lazy load for videos WordPress plugin by Kevin Weber

This plugin improves page load times and increases your Google Page Speed Score. It replaces embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image.

lazy load for windows wordpress plugin for seo image

By loading videos only when the user clicks on the preview image, no unnecessary JavaScript is loaded. Especially on sites with many embedded videos this will make your visitors happy.

Additionally, all YouTube videos are loaded in a privacy-enhanced mode using the “https://www.youtube-nocookie.com” embed URL.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page – https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/Lazy+load+for+videos+WordPress+plugin+by+Kevin+Weber/ )

Internal Link Juicer is the state-of-the-art solution for building internal links within post content. It works by using an intelligent per-post configuration of your desired keywords.

internal linker juicer: seo auto linker for wordpress seo

Overall, it improves your on-page SEO and your user experience (UX) by pointing out the right content for the given context. It

  • Boost your internal linking
  • Gives you full control over linking pages and Individual posts that shouldn’t contain generated links can be added to the blacklist.
  • Customize your link output
  • Configurable linking behavior

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page –  https://wordpress.org/plugins/internal-links/ )

MapPress—Google maps By Chris Richardson (http://wphostreviews.com)

MapPress makes it easy to insert custom Google Maps into your blog. It is a WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria. Once installed, you will have the option to add multiple locations by address or latitude and longitude.

Affordable SEO Marketing Service Nigeria | SEO Agency

You will need a Google Maps API-key. Google requires users who customize maps to have an API key. This allows them to track usage and ensure that people are not using Google Maps outside the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

If you do not have a need for customizing the content on the map, then you could always bypass installing this plugin and use the embed code directly from Google Maps.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page – https://wordpress.org/plugins/mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress/ )

ShareThis By Sharethis

share this share buttons wordpress seo plugin
share this share buttons wordpress seo plugin

ShareThis is one of the most popular sharing widgets available online today and is also a WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria . While this service is not specifically built for WordPress, it does offer a plugin for easily adding this sharing service to your blog.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page – https://wordpress.org/plugins/sharethis-share-buttons/ )

Feedburner WordPress Plugin

Feedburner by Steve Smith is a WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria when you optimize your WordPress blog or business website. Many times, hosting your own RSS feed can wreak havoc on your server without you ever knowing it.


Due to RSS’s out-of-sight-out-of-mind style, you often forget about it completely. Using Google’s Feedburner is one way to ensure that a swarm of subscribers won’t bring your server to a crawl. Feedburner acts like a conduit to your RSS feed by delivering the feeds from Google’s servers instead of your own.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page – https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/feedburner/ )

Akismet Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin

Akismet has an active installation of 5 million+. It is a WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria that you can’t do without if you want to prevent spam.

akismet anti spam wordpress seo plugin

Akismet will check your comments and contact form submissions against WordPress repository global database of spam to prevent your site from publishing malicious content. You can review the comment spam it catches on your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page- https://wordpress.org/plugins/akismet/ )

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) WordPress plugin

The AMP Project is an open-source initiative aiming to make the web better for all. AMP enables web experiences that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across distribution platforms.

accelerated mobile page wordpress plugin

AMP formerly stood for “Accelerated Mobile Pages”, but now works completely across desktop and mobile. The official AMP plugin for WordPress supports fully integrated AMP publishing for WordPress sites, with robust capabilities and granular publisher controls.

AMP enables full-site AMP experiences without sacrificing the flexibility of the platform or the fidelity of content.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page- https://wordpress.org/plugins/amp/ )

Wordfence WordPress Plugin – WordPress firewall and security scanner

Wordfence includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that were built from the ground up to protect WordPress. Its Threat Defense Feed arms Wordfence with the newest firewall rules, malware signatures and malicious IP addresses it needs to keep your website safe.

Rounded out by 2FA and a suite of additional features, Wordfence is the most comprehensive WordPress security solution available.

With Wordfence WordPress plugin you get:

Wordfence security and firewall WordPress plugin
  • Web Application Firewall identifies and blocks malicious traffic. Built and maintained by a large team focused 100% on WordPress security.
  • [Premium] Real-time firewall rule and malware signature updates via the Threat Defense Feed (free version is delayed by 30 days).
  • [Premium] Real-time IP Blacklist blocks all requests from the most malicious IPs, protecting your site while reducing load.

  • Protects your site at the endpoint, enabling deep integration with WordPress. Unlike cloud alternatives does not break encryption, cannot be bypassed and cannot leak data.
  • Integrated malware scanner blocks requests that include malicious code or content.
  • Protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page- https://wordpress.org/plugins/amp/ )

Meta Slider WordPress plugin

wp meta slider seo wordpress plugin

With WordPress Meta Slider plugin, you can create powerful, SEO-optimized slideshows in minutes with the world’s #1 slider plugin! and enhancing your blog or website couldn’t be easier:

Simply select images from your WordPress Media Library, drag and drop them into place, and then set the slide captions, links and SEO fields all from one page.


Wp Meta SEO WordPress plugin

WP Meta SEO plugin gives you control over all your SEO optimization. SEO optimizations such as:

Affordable SEO Marketing Service Nigeria | SEO Agency
  • Bulk SEO content
  • Image SEO
  • On page content check
  • 404 and redirect.
  • Bulk edit all website meta on a single view
  • Editing meta in content with live SEO analysis
  • Fix HTML image resizing in content
  • Bulk edit image file name and meta
  • Bulk editing SEO link title
  • 404 errors redirect and internal broken link checker
  • Adding Google Analytics tracking information and display statistics in WordPress
  • Generating XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Facebook and Twitter social sharing custom elements per content
  • Breadcrumb generator
  • Gutenberg SEO content checker
  • Canonical URL management for post, pages and categories

Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-meta-seo/

Broken Link Checker WordPress SEO plugin monitors and tests all internal links & external links on your site looking for broken links. It helps you fix bad links to improve SEO and user experience.

Broken link checker WordPress SEO plugin: 

Affordable SEO Marketing Service Nigeria | SEO Agency
  • Monitors external links and internal links in your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional).
  • Detects links that don’t work, missing images and redirects.
  • Notifies you either via the Dashboard or by email.
  • Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional).
  • Prevents search engines from following broken links (optional).
  • You can search and filter links by URL, anchor text and so on.
  • Links can be edited directly from the plugin’s page, without manually updating each post.

Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/broken-link-checker/

External Links – no-follow, no-opener & new window WordPress plugin enables you to:

External link no follow for wordpress seo
  • Manage all external & internal links on your site.
  • Control icons, nofollow, noopener, ugc (User Generated Content), sponsored and if links open in new window or new tab.
  • Open links in new window or tab
  • Add follow or nofollow (for SEO)
  • Add noopener and noreferrer (for security)
  • Add ugc (User Generated Content) and sponsored values to rel (Google announcement)
  • Add link icons (FontAwesome and Dashicons)
  • Set other attributes like title and CSS classes
  • Scan complete page (or just posts, comments, widgets)

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page. Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-external-links/

WP SEO Structured Data Schema Wordpress SEO plugin by WPSEMPlugins

WP SEO Structured Data Schema WordPress SEO plugin by WPSEM Plugins is a necessity for WordPress business website in Nigeria.

wp seo structured data schema

Especially those who take their local SEO optimization seriously. Structured data and schema are becoming more and more important for search engine optimization.

The bad news is that this is pretty complicated stuff and even the most seasoned SEO specialists struggle with the proper implementation of structured data and schema on a website.

The good news is that WordPress SEO Structured Data Schema plugin enables web designers and business owners a super-easy way to add schema for:

  • Organizations
  • Local Businesses
  • News Articles
  • Blog Postings
  • Events
  • Products
  • Videos
  • Services
  • Reviews and
  • Aggregate Ratings

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page) Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-seo-structured-data-schema/

LuckyWP Table of Contents WordPress SEO plugin by LuckyWP

LuckyWP Table of Contents Wordpress SEO plugin by LuckyWP is essential for businesses in Nigeria. LuckyWP Table of Contents Wordpress SEO plugin for business website in Nigeria creates SEO-friendly table of contents for your posts, pages or custom post types. It has great customizable appearance.

luckyWp table of contents WordPress seo plugin

Other reasons why you should install this plugin include:

  • Automatical insertion of a table of contents (configure post types and position).
  • SEO-friendly: table of contents code is ready to use by Google for snippets on result page.
  • Insertion by shortcode, Gutenberg block or widget.
  • Button on toolbar of the classic editor.
  • Gutenberg block into “Common Blocks”.
  • Setting the minimum number of headings to display table of contents.
  • Setting the depth of headings for table of contents.
  • Skip headings by level or text.
  • Hierarchical or linear view.
  • Numeration items: decimal or roman numbers in order or nested.
  • Customizable appearance: width, float, title font size and weight, items font size, colors.
  • Color schemes (dark, light, white, transparent, inherit from theme) and the ability to override colors.
  • Toggle Show/Hide (optionally)
  • Customizable labels.
  • Smooth scroll (optionally).
  • Setting offset top for smooth scroll.
  • Wrap table of contents with <!–noindex–> tag (optionally).
  • Available override global settings for a particular post.
  • Highly compatible with WordPress themes and plugins.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page) Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/luckywp-table-of-contents/

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant WordPress SEO plugin by SEMrush

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant WordPress SEO plugin by SEMrush is a must-have WordPress SEO plugin for business website in Nigeria.

The SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant provides instant recommendations for content optimization based on the qualities of Google’s top 10-ranking pages for your given keywords in a given location.

semrush seo writing assistant wordpress  plugin

Content professionals, bloggers and marketing experts can check if their texts or the texts of external writers meet various content-quality requirements in just a few clicks.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/semrush-seo-writing-assistant/ )

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP)

By ExactMetrics

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP by ExactMetrics (formerly GADWP) is a must have wordpress plugin for business website in Nigeria.

The ExactMetrics Google Analytics for WordPress plugin helps you properly setup all the powerful Google Analytics tracking features without writing any code or hiring a developer.

google analysis dashboard for wordpress plugin

More importantly, over 1 million users love ExactMetrics because of our signature Google Analytics Dashboard that helps you view key Google Analytics stats right inside your WordPress dashboard.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-dashboard-for-wp/ )

Yoast SEO WordPress SEO plugin by Team Yoast

Since 2008 Yoast SEO has helped millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines. This WordPress SEO plugin for business website in Nigeria will help you with your search engine optimization.

Yoast wordpress seo plugin for everyone image

Yoast SEO does everything in its power to please both visitors and search engine spiders. A dedicated team of developers, testers, architects and SEO experts work daily to improve the plugin with every release. Yoast SEO offers:

  • Title and meta description template for better branding and consistent snippets in the search results.
  • A state-of-the-art Schema implementation helps search engines make sense of your site and increases the chance on those coveted rich results.
  • The most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality at the push of a button.
  • Full control over your site’s breadcrumbs.
  • Automatically set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content.

(Image and content source: WordPress Plugins repository page) Source: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

FAQ -Troubleshooting WordPress plugins or WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria

Often, you will notice that problems arise for plugins after a large update to the entire WordPress platform. In any case, check the FAQ table below to know what to do if you encounter any problems getting your plugins to run

How do I add SEO keywords to my WordPress site?

Once you defined your keyword, you can add it to your H1, H2, and H3 tags of your post content. You can use plugins such as All in One SEO or Yoast SEO or Rank Math WordPress SEO plugins to make sure you stay within industry standard.

Are WordPress sites good for SEO?

Yes, WordPress is good for SEO. In fact, the design of the WordPress platform alongside with the WordPress SEO plugins will aid you in your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implementation.

What is the best WordPress SEO plugin?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) depends on several factors that one WordPress SEO plugins cannot really accomplish all the jobs: image optimization, cache, header optimization, keyword research, paragraphs, etc, are few of what is required in SEO. Several plugins will be required to achieve a 100 % SEO

Can WordPress have two SEO plugins?

Yes, and No. Yes, if the two SEO plugins deal with separate parts of the SEO factors. One dealing with Alt image, and the other dealing with meta tags.
No because it will be unwise to use a plugin such as All in one SEO and also install Yoast SEO plugin or RankMath at the same time. The three do the same tasks, and will achieve the same thing.

Which is the best Search Console SEO plugin

There are several out there, but I go with Google Search Console.

Does WordPress need SEO plugins?

Yes WordPress do need SEO plugin. If you want to rank well for your keywords, you definitely need WordPress SEO plugins.

How do I add SEO to WordPress?

For a comprehensive detailed guide on this download my eBook on How to optimize your website content : The Ultimate guide.

Is WordPress ideal for growing content?

Certainly. WordPress is an ideal solution for growing your contents in an organized manner. It is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), powered by PHP, a scripting language, and MySQL, a relational database management system (RDBMS).

What is SEO ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website, blog post or page from a search engine’s organic rankings like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

What are keywords ?

SEO keywords are the keywords or phrases in your optimized web content that make it possible for people to find your site content via search engines. When your website is well optimized for search engines, using the keywords people use to search for information online..

How can SEO benefit my business ?

With SEO for your business, you will get: Better Website Visibility: Sustained SEO effort will bring you better rankings on Search Engines. More Traffic: As more people click through to prominently displayed websites, you attract more meaningful traffic.

Better Conversions: Qualified Visitors, who are looking for the Products & Services you offer, are more likely to buy
Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs: With increasing sales, cost of acquiring customers reduces significantly over time.

How long does it takes to see SEO results?

Some take weeks, some up to 6 months, while some is immediate.

Do you offer SEO training ?

Yes we do offer SEO training. See above on this page to see link to our SEO training and other digital marketing training

Do you offer Social Media services ?

Yes, we do offer Social Media Services.

Do you offer SEO Optimized Content Development services ?

Yes, we do offer SEO content optimized development services: Blog post, Social media post, YouTube videos, White board animations and Explainer videos

How often do you send reports ?

How reports are sent once in a month. Specifically the last day of the month. Request can be made for forth-night reports if need be.

Do you always follow Google SEO best practices ?

Yes we do follow Google SEO best practices. That is why we implement only White-Hat SEO services campaign for our clients.

Do you carry out link building SEO activities ?

Yes, we do carry out link building SEO activities to further increase your ranking on Google and other search engines.

How do I pay for SEO services rendered for me ?

You can make payment directly to our account by clicking the “order now” button at the bottom of the SEO pricing package that you choose. You can also demand for a payment link or our account number to make direct transfer or payment to.

Download a free copy of How to optimize your website content for SEO to rank higher in Nigeria – The Ultimate Guide. Download here now

How to optimise your website content for SEO to rank higher in Nigeria – The Ultimate Guide

Register for our SEO courses and become an SEO certified specialist

This SEO course teaches the fundamental strategies of SEO. you will learn an advanced framework for implementing your SEO strategy. You will learn how to build, launch, and scale an SEO driven content marketing strategy from scratch that attracts leads, customers, and generates a profitable ROI. View full course list here.

Improve your WordPress website with WordPress SEO plugins

It’s time to improve your business visibility and gain more defined and targeted audience to you business website by using the WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria – The Ultimate list and do not forget to share, someone out there may need the information contained in this post.

WordPress SEO plugins for business website in Nigeria 2021- The Ultimate list

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