What is SEO ? I guess that’s what you typed into Google, Bing or Yahoo Search that brought you to this page? If you are new to marketing or have been involved in different other forms of marketing, you might have heard about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but do not actually comprehend the meaning.

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What exactly is SEO and how relevant is it in today’s world ?

In this post, we shall be examining different definitions of SEO and why SEO is important for today’s marketers, especially if you are a marketer to an e-commerce site, a small local business, a school, or a large conglomerate.

  1. What is SEO and how it works ?


    SEO stands for search engine optimization, which produces free organic traffic on search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing. SEO rankings are determined by each search engine’s secret algorithm that weighs things like fresh and original content, relevance, inbound and outbound links, and site architecture to determine where a link ranks for a query.

  2. What is Search engine marketing, is it the same as SEO ?


    Yes, Search Engine Marketing is the same as SEO. SEO is its acronym. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your site and content easier to find on search engines by people who are searching for related information to solve a particular issue. Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing landscape of best practices, tools, marketing services and Google algorithm updates, it can quickly become overwhelming for marketers to choose where to begin SEO and what areas to focus on for the best ROI.

  3. What is SEO in marketing ?


    SEO, is a set of best practices for getting a website or page ranked as highly as possible in one of the top search engines such as Google and Bing. SEOs (people who do search engine optimization) like to refer to “search engines” in the generic sense to be democratic, but in reality, Google is the search engine that is targeted most often. If a business webpage for example a clothing line web page is ranked as the top result in Google, a similar ranking will very likely follow in Yahoo and Bing. When such happen, people trust your brand more and are confident to click on your link to visit your site. This can therefore lead to more sales for your business. The more your product pages appear at the top of Google, the more visitors you have to your website, the more your conversion and sales.

  4. What is SEO in digital marketing ?


    SEO is a branch of digital marketing. As you have SEM (Search engine marketing) Social media marketing, Content marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, so also we have SEO. Why all other forms of Digital marketing may require you to spend money in order to drive traffic to your business site, SEO gives you a platform to drive targeted and defined traffic to your site. Your products and services are place directly at the front of those searching for it either on mobile phones, laptops or desktops.

  5. What is SEO writing ?

    SEO copywriting

    SEO writing is when you place keywords or keyword phrases in your text content such as your blog post or your website articles. These keywords make your post and articles optimized. Apart from the keywords, there are certain other rules you have to observe when involve in SEO writing. You can read my post on On-page SEO to learn more.

  6. What are SEO tools ?


    SEO tools are the tools used by SEO experts to perform
    · Keyword research
    · Site SEO audit
    · Competitor analysis
    · Content analysis
    · Link Analysis
    · Page Speed Analysis
    Examples of SEO tools include:
    · Ubersuggest
    · Ahref
    · SEMrush
    · Google Analytics
    · Google Trend
    · GTMetrix

  7. What is SEO Content ?


    An SEO Content is a content that has been written for both people and the search engines. When you write an SEO content, you should bear in mind that you are writing for people that will read your post. This people want clarification on something or are looking for certain information regarding a particular product or services that you render.

    Therefore you must have these people in mind first, after which you then optimized the content for the search engines. An example of an SEO Content is my post on SEO for Real estate and Realtors. This post was specifically written for Real estate professionals who knows about SEO and wants to optimize their real estate business website themselves, or just want to grab an idea about SEO for real estate.

  8. What is SEO tutorial ?

    seo content

    An SEO tutorial is simply what it means literally, a tutorial on SEO. An SEO tutorial explains the nitty-gritty of SEO and its application in a particular field on discipline. For example, I have written several SEO tutorials. SEO tutorials such as:
    · SEO for schools in Nigeria
    · SEO for realtors in Nigeria
    · SEO for dentist and medical practitioners in Nigeria
    · SEO for e-commerce in Nigeria
    SEO for doctors and medical practitioners
    SEO for travel and tourism

  9. What is SEO benefit ?

    seo benefit

    SEO has lots of benefits. Search traffic is sustainable traffic. A #1 result in Google, maintained over time, will deliver consistent traffic to a site day in and day out. If the term “Tecno mobile phones” gets around 500 searches a day in Google, the #1 result will be clicked on about 40% of the time, meaning that your top ranked post on container gardening would receive about 200 visits today, 200 visits tomorrow, and so on. Beware that your site staying at the top of Search Engines is not static or better said ‘PERMANENT’ because it can be overtaken by new optimized post(s).

  10. What is SEO Copywriting ?

    seo copywriting

    SEO Copywriting is when you write content that appeal to humans and also Google. This means that your content must be one that captures online searches attention, appeal to them, solve an issue for them, and must as well comply with Google’s latest search algorithm. That’s just it. Fundamental SEO Copywriting rules you must observe and implement:
    · The headline
    · The Keywords
    · On-Page SEO
    · Content Body
    · Page or Site Speed
    · Understand Other Google Search Algorithms


The list, definitions and explanations are not exhaustive . There are lots of explanations on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) . Let us share our own understanding of “What is SEO?” in the comment section.

What is SEO in 2021? Best Definitive Guide to explaining the meaning of SEO
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