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In this post, I will be discussing the Top SEO Companies in Nigeria in 2021. In order to learn about the Top SEO company in Nigeria, you need to understand SEO. You need to understand what SEO stands for. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the process webmasters go through to encourage the search engines to rank their pages higher in the search results.

Typically it involves working on the site itself. This is called on-site SEO, but it also involves working at site promotion, and that is what’s known as off-site SEO.

Top SEO Companies in Nigeria and SEO Methodology

SEO is a methodology used to gain traffic by making your website visible in search engine results via organic or paid techniques. The term organic means using natural ways to enhance website visibility without using a pay-per-click service.

There are many ways to implement SEO. Top SEO Companies use the following methods among many to implement SEO: 

  • using relevant keywords
  • quality content, 
  • and optimal multimedia content on your web pages.

How  Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Implement On-Site SEO

Sites can be built in a number of different ways (PHP, HTML, Flash, etc.), using a wide variety of site-building tools, with three most common examples being

Most websites and blogs share certain features that we can control, and use, to help with the on-site SEO. These features include things like the 

    • page title
    • Headlines
    • body text
    • ALT tags and so on. 

In this respect, most sites can be treated in a similar manner when we consider on-site SEO. However, different platforms have their own quirks, and WordPress is no exception. Out-of-the-box WordPress doesn’t do itself any SEO favours, and can in fact cause you ranking problems. 

Strategic Goals Top SEO Companies Practitioners Can Fulfill

Organic search is one of many viable online marketing channels as a source of highly targeted traffic. And while SEO is not a cure-all for businesses, it can fit into a company’s overall business strategy in several critical ways.

Understanding How Top SEO Companies in Nigeria implement Visibility (Branding) for Their Clients

Many consumers assume that top placement in the search engines is like a stamp of approval on a brand. Surely a company could not rank highly in the search results if it were not one of the best in its field, right?


If you are an experienced search engine user, you probably recognize that the preceding statement is not always true. However, the fact is that many consumers, and even sophisticated web searchers, interpret high search rankings as an implicit brand endorsement.

Therefore, for critical brand terms, an SEO strategy should be geared towards increasing organic search exposure for branded keywords.

In addition to targeting brand terms, you will want to rank well for non-branded search terms that are specific to your core business (a highly competitive, but highly rewarding branding effort).

When searchers see you ranking highly on these types of search terms, they will associate your brand with the product or service and assume you are one of the best places to purchase from.

The list of situations where the brand can also limit the SEO strategy is quite long, and the opposite can happen too, where the nature of the brand makes a particular SEO strategy pretty compelling. Ultimately, the goal of a Top SEO Company in Nigeria is to dovetail SEO efforts with branding as seamlessly as possible. 

Understanding How Top SEO Companies in Nigeria implement Website Traffic 

Long gone are the days of a “build it and they will come” paradigm online. Today’s search environment is highly competitive, and you need great SEO implementation from Top SEO companies in Nigeria to capture targeted, high-quality traffic to your site.

While a business that engages with many of its customers through offline channels can drive traffic by telling those customers to visit its website, SEO fills the different, more critical role of bringing new prospects to your website from an audience of people who might not otherwise have been interested in, or perhaps even aware of, your business at all.

Top SEO companies in Nigeria understand that users search for products, services, and information using an extraordinarily wide variety of search queries and query types.

Developing an SEO strategy involves performing extensive keyword research to determine which search queries people actually use.

For example, when interested in purchasing an Iphone, a searcher might type in “buy good Iphones in Lagos.” In this instance, for a phone outlet a Top SEO Company in Nigeria might be interested in search exposure for this traffic phrases by including “buy good Iphones in Lagos.” when implementing SEO.

Some users may not even know that a company specializing in a specific type of product exists until they perform that search. Or, if they have at one time learned about such a manufacturer, they might not remember enough about it to seek out the manufacturer’s website directly.

Capturing that traffic could provide the manufacturer with incremental sales of its electric vehicles that it probably would not have gotten otherwise.

Knowing these factors, the SEO process involves developing a site architecture strategy and a content development/editorial strategy  to help the site’s pages achieve competitive search engine exposure for a broad range of potentially relevant terms.

How Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Implement High ROI for their clients

Increasing online visibility and driving targeted traffic are the first steps to success with SEO. The next step is measuring the performance of that traffic to determine whether the overall website and business are being achieved.

This is an ongoing, iterative process that will always accompany all marketing efforts, and SEO is no exception. For most organizations, goals are defined as generating sales, leads, or advertising revenue.

For others, it may mean the promotion of a particular message, the consumption, sharing, or perhaps the creation of specific types of content, or the simple signup for a newsletter.

Top SEO companies knows that the important component of SEO is to deliver not just traffic, but targeted traffic that has the possibility of converting into these actions.

Whether you are selling products and services, advertising for branding value, or trying to promote specific content to the world, a well-designed SEO strategy can result in a very high return on investment when contrasted with other methods of marketing.


SEO generally brings a higher ROI when compared to 

  • TV
  • Print
  • radio advertising campaigns 

And while traditional media is not in danger of being replaced by SEO, organic search can provide some high margin returns that complement and enhance the use of offline media – especially when done properly over the long haul.

Business Factors That Impact Your SEO Strategy

Here are some examples of business issues that can impact SEO: 

    • Revenue & business models 
    • The effective SEO strategy takes into account the purpose of the site, whether it is to sell products, sell advertising, obtain leads, or gain membership signups. 

How Top SEO companies in Nigeria target customers for their clients

Who are you trying to reach? This could be an age group, a gender group, or as specific as people looking to buy a car within a specific neighborhood of Niger Delta. Top SEO companies in Nigeria target prospective customers for their clients based on their Psychography, Sociography, and Demography.

How Top SEO companies in Nigeria make you beat your competitors

The competitive landscape is another big factor in your overall SEO strategy. Competition may be strongly entrenched in one portion of the market online, and it may make sense to focus on a different segment.

Or you may be the current leader in your market, and want to protect this position while continuing to build your customer base.

How Top SEO companies implement your branding goals and content development plan

There may be search terms for which it is critical that you have top search exposure, for branding reasons. An important part of SEO and general online success is the creation and optimization of high quality content for your users.

For most businesses, your capacity to create quality content on an ongoing basis can significantly improve your SEO efforts, both from a content-availability perspective (more content in the search engines) and from a user engagement and link development perspective (great content breeds great links and social sharing, both of which can positively influence SEO).

Top SEO companies in Nigeria on how people search for products like yours

Understanding what customers do when they are searching for products or services like yours is one of the most basic functions of SEO .

This involves mapping the actual search queries your target customers use when they go to a search engine. Top SEO companies will find out and discover top keywords and keywords phrase that your business can rank for using Search Engine Optimization techniques.

How Top SEO companies in Nigeria choose best Web Hosting platforms for their clients

OK, so you may be wondering why I am talking about web hosts. After all, isn’t this supposed to be a post about Top SEO Companies in Nigeria?

Yes, it is. However, the speed at which your site loads (and even the up-time of your site), are factors that are taken into account by search engines. Slow loading websites, or those which are unavailable for long periods of time (because the host server is down), suffer poorer rankings because of it.

Sites which go down frequently, negatively impact the reputation you have with your visitors too.

There are many types of web-host, and lots of different plans that come with each one. You can get shared hosting, a managed or unmanaged Virtual Private Server (VPS), or a Dedicated Server.

Why Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Uses Google Webmaster Tools (Site Console)

Why should you use Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)?

Here are some very good reasons you cannot do without for your site’s SEO business: 

  • Get notified by Google if there is a problem with your site. Google will send you messages if, for example, your backlink profile looks spammy, or if your site is using an old version of PHP. Google will also notify you if they detect malware on your website.
  • Discover any HTML problems with your site. You can then follow the suggestions that Google Webmaster Tools gives you to resolve the issue(s).
  • Submit and check your sitemap (which can speed up indexing of your website).
  • Select a geographic target audience. For example, if your website targets Amuwo Odofin, Lagos customers, but your site uses a .com extension, you can use Google Webmaster Tools (now Site Console) to tell Google that you want your site to be given more consideration in the Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.
  • Check how well your site is being indexed by Google.
  • Identify crawl errors. Google will tell you the URLs that it had trouble crawling, and the page which linked to that URL, thus allowing you to quickly identify and fix broken links on your site.
  • Request Google removes specific URLs from their search results.
  • Get a complete list of all links that point to your website (at least the ones that Google knows about). This can be very useful, especially in identifying links from spammy sites, which you can then disavow with the Google Disavow tool.
  • Identify keywords that people are using to find your site. Google shows you the number of impressions in the search engines, how many clicks you got, the click through rate (CTR), and average position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
  • The CTR can be very useful for finding pages that may need their title/description tweaked so as to try and improve the CTR. Google Webmaster Tools offers a useful set of tools for all webmasters.
  • I highly recommend you sign up and add your website(s) to your account, so you can track them all.


Why Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Uses Google Analytics For Their Clients

Google Analytics is a free visitor tracking tool, which is far more powerful than many commercial tools that are available.

Reasons Top SEO Companies use Google Analytics (GA) for their clients include:

    • See details of your visitors, like the search term they used to find your site, how long they spent on your site, which browser they use, what country they come from.
    • Get real time statistics, showing how many people are on your site right now, and which pages they are viewing, etc.
    • Connect your Google Analytics account to your Google Webmaster Tools account, and Google AdSense account, for even more tracking features.
    • Split-test different versions of, for example, a sales page.
    • Set up custom alerts, to notify you about the things that are important to your business.
    • Monitor mobile traffic.


How Top SEO Companies Know What Content Search Engines “See” on a Web Page?

Search engine crawlers and indexing programs are basically software programs. These programs are extraordinarily powerful.

They crawl trillions of web pages, analyze the content of all these pages, and analyze the way all these pages link to each other. Then they organize this into a series of databases that can respond to a user search query with a highly tuned set of results in a few tenths of a second.

This is an amazing accomplishment, but it has its limitations. It is very mechanical, and it can understand only portions of most web pages. The search engine crawler analyzes the raw HTML form of a web page.

If you want to see what this looks like, you can do so by using your browser to view the source. In addition to page titles, the search engines also used to make use of the “meta keywords” tag.

This is a list of keywords that you wish to have associated with the page. Spammers (people who attempt to manipulate search engine results in violation of the search engine guidelines) ruined the SEO value of this tag many years ago, so its value is now negligible, as search engines don’t use it anymore. 

Spending time on meta keywords is not recommended because of the lack of SEO benefit.

What Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Know About SEO That You Do Not

SEO is a digital marketing discipline that divides marketers. It is also arguably the discipline where a little knowledge really is truly dangerous, whilst a lot of knowledge is essential if you want to be able to deliver your digital strategy.

This is because as soon as you have a website you are using the SEO channel whether you like it or not.

If your knowledge is minimal then you might try to rank number one on a specific key term and this could cost a significant amount of money and time to achieve. 

However, developing a broader strategy that improves performance across a number of keywords would be far more efficient and would also reduce the risk of a penalty.

Even if you have appointed a great SEO or broader digital agency or one of the Top SEO Companies in Nigeria, you still need to ensure that you understand the fundamentals of good SEO as agencies cannot achieve success without guidance and direction from their client (despite what some may tell you).

Technical SEO considerations for Top SEO Companies in Nigeria

are very important, but they are just one area of SEO. If you are looking for technical detail it would be worthwhile either using online resources such as and or searching for a book on technical SEO for developers.

Truly strategic SEO is in fact very closely aligned to more traditional marketing techniques. If your background is in marketing then you probably already have the skills needed to implement a great SEO strategy.

It is worth noting that throughout this post, only one search engine is discussed, Google. In most markets Google dominates by some margin but of course this is not the case in all.

If Google is not your average customer’s search engine of choice then please do consider further research than this section allows.

 That said, many of the principles of good SEO are actually about good content, design, user experience and other marketing principles, so good SEO is likely to work for most if not all search engines.

Another is that when optimizing your site it is important that you do not try to learn Google’s techniques and find ways to work around them to get to position one.

This is a sure-fire way to cause yourself problems in either the short or medium term. SEO should always focus on optimizing for the user, not the search engine.

Ultimately this is the aim of every good search engine and top SEO marketing companies in Nigeria as well, which is to improve the internet experience for users.

If you have the same goal then you will find that your SEO strategy will be aligned to the philosophy and therefore algorithms of the search engines and you will be able to win now and in the future.

How Top SEO Companies in Nigeria embark on Researching Your SEO Strategy
One of the biggest mistakes that SEO Companies make, which top SEO companies in Nigeria should not, when creating an SEO strategy is to start with the following question: ‘What keywords should we be focusing on?’

This is not a bad question. In fact it is a very good question, but it should never be the first question asked. The starting point for good SEO should be creating the goals and objectives for the SEO channel (for example, will SEO be your primary channel?).

Once you have covered those basics the next crucial step is a thorough understanding of your customers.

How Top SEO Conpanies in Nigeria Help You in Persona development

The best way to do this is to create prospective customers personas. Consider the prospective customer types you have and try to create no more than five distinct personas.

This approach will help you considerably when you move to the next step of keyword research.

Personas are a useful way of understanding the personality and potential behaviours of your customers. This becomes useful in SEO (and paid search) in predicting what the user may search for.

As we move into the next phase of keyword research (below) this is extremely useful to understand.

If, for example, our persona is a woman in her late twenties with a young family who lives in Alakuko, Lagos, we can start to understand some of her daily needs.

We can be fairly certain that she is not poor and will want things now, so she may use words such as ‘now’ and ‘fast’. She is likely to want something in Alakuko Lagos as it is often harder to travel any significant distance in cities than in rural areas, so she may do a lot of searching for ‘in Alakuko, Lagos’ and other local terms.

She will probably search for children’s products and may also search for helpful tips on parenthood such as ‘how much breast milk should I give my baby’ or ‘best places to take kids out to on Weekend in Alakuko Lagos’.

She is still young herself though, and so it is likely she will search for caregivers, restaurants and perhaps bars and clubs. She may well buy her food stuffs online as it is easier than dragging the children around the local store.

All of this insight are what a Top SEO Company in Nigeria will consider and this insight that we can gain from the persona can steer our initial keyword research and we can then use the below process and evolve the campaign over time.

How Top SEO Companies In Nigeria Embark On Keyword Research For Their Clients

Having created personas the next job is to start to build your focus keyword list. This might seem daunting, especially as some companies have target keyword lists that run in the thousands. However, if you break down the process into the following steps the process is relatively easy to achieve:

  • Create logical segments.
  • Mine your data.
  • Mine secondary data sources.
  • Sense check.

While some searches are just one keyword, increasingly people use natural language and therefore longer phrases.

How Top SEO Companies In Nigeria Use The Tags That Matter

The two most significant ‘tags’ that warrant attention are title tags and the meta description. Neither are as scary or inaccessible as they might sound.

Title tags

The title tag is a brief description of the page content and is contained within the HTML. It is visible in search results and used by search engines to interpret site pages. Title tags should be unique, ideally less than 75 characters and have important keywords close to the front.

In addition, it is generally good usability practice to include your brand at the front. As the title tag is highly visible to potential site visitors it is of course crucial to make sure it is as compelling as possible.

Meta description

The meta description is a longer description of the page content and is also displayed within the search engine results if Google feels it is relevant.

No more than 160 characters are recommended – and make sure they are unique, relevant (and therefore hopefully include some of your focus keywords) and, most importantly, readable.

While the meta description does not appear to influence rankings directly, a well-written one can improve click-through rate, which in turn might help drive a ranking improvement.

How Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Embark On Link Analysis

In link analysis, search engines measure who is linking to a site or page and what they are saying about that site/page.

They also have a good grasp on who is affiliated with whom (through historical link data, the site’s registration records, and other sources), who is worthy of being trusted based on the authority of sites linking to them, and contextual data about the site on which the page is hosted (who links to that site, what they say about the site, etc.).

Top SEO Companies in Nigeria know that link analysis goes much deeper than counting the number of links a web page or website has, as links are not created equal (one link can be worth 10 million times more than another one).

Links from a highly authoritative page on a highly authoritative site will count more than other links of lesser authority. A website or page can be determined to be authoritative by combining an analysis of the linking patterns and semantic analysis.

For example, perhaps you are interested in sites about Afro hairstyle. Search engines can use semantic analysis to identify the collection of web pages that focus on the topic of Afro hairstyle.

The search engines can then determine which of these sites about Afro hairstyle have the most links from the set of dog grooming sites. These sites are most likely more authoritative on the topic than the others.

The actual analysis is a bit more complicated than that. For example, imagine that there are five sites about

Afro hairstyle with a lot of links from pages across the Web on the topic, as follows:

    • Site A has 213 topically related links.
    • Site B has 192 topically related links.
    • Site C has 203 topically related links.
    • Site D has 113 topically related links.
    • Site E has 122 topically related links.

Further, it may be that Site A, Site B, Site D, and Site E all link to each other, but none of them link to Site C. In fact, Site C appears to have the great majority of its relevant links from other pages that are topically relevant but have few links to them.

In this scenario, Site C may not be considered authoritative because it is not linked to by the right sites.

How Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Embark On Analyzing Ranking Factors

Top SEO Companies in Nigeria know that Moz periodically conducts surveys of leading SEOs to determine what they think are the most important ranking factors (

Here is a high-level summary of the top nine results, in priority order (as suggested by the referenced study):

  • Domain Level Link Authority Features
  • Page Level Link Metrics
  • Page Level Keyword & Content Based
  • Page Level Keyword Agnostic Features
  • Domain Level Brand Metrics
  • Usage & Traffic/Query Data
  • Page Level Social Metrics
  • Domain Level Keyword Usage
  • Domain Level Keyword Agnostic Features

Here is a brief look on how Top SEO Companies will look at each of these:

  • Domain Level Link Authority Features

Domain Level Link Authority is based on a cumulative link analysis of all the links to the domain. This includes factors such as the number of different domains linking to the site, the trust/authority of those domains, rate at which new inbound links are added, the relevance of the linking domains, and more.

How Top SEO Companies In Nigeria Discovers Your Competitors SEO?

Wrapping up your competitive analysis by figuring your competitors’ SEO strategies is what any Top SEO in Nigeria will do. Any Top SEO Company in Nigeria will consider first:

  • Do they appear to be SEO-savvy? If they’re not well versed and up to date with SEO, you may identify the

following site characteristics:

  • Poorly optimized anchor text (if the majority of the site’s in-content links say “Read more” or “Click here,” it is possible there is no extensive SEO expertise behind the scenes; research further).
  • Content buried many levels deep. Flat site architecture is a must in SEO.
  • Critical content made inaccessible to spiders, such as content behind forms or content that can be reached only through JavaScript. 

In general, if you see sites with obvious errors that do not follow best or even good practices, the business is either not very SEO-savvy or they are continuing to employ developers and use platforms that do not enable them to implement effective, SEO-friendly site development. 

Top SEO Companies in Nigeria will know that these competitors may still be dangerous if they have a very strong brand, so you can’t ignore them. In addition, they can fix a lack of SEO expertise by simply hiring a smart SEO expert and getting key stakeholder buy-in to make needed changes.

If, however, you are looking at a competitor who is very strong on the SEO front, you will want to pay even closer attention to their efforts.

What Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Knows About Competitive Analysis Summary

If your competition is implementing a strategy and it is working for them, consider using it as an effective model for your own efforts – or, simply choose to focus on an area that appears to be a weak spot in their strategy, and/or one that leverages your current resources most effectively.

For example, a Top SEO Company in Nigeria knows that if your competitor is not focusing on a segment of the market that has the potential to provide quality links through content development efforts, you can stake out that portion of the market before they do to gain a competitive edge.

In addition, if your competitors have previously bought, or are still buying links, reporting them to the search engines is an option, but this is something you will have to make in consideration of your organization’s business ethics.

Their spam tactics will eventually be discovered. So it is just as well to focus your energies on building your own business.

Ultimately, even if you hire a Top SEO Company in Nigeria to implement your SEO strategies, you need to make some decisions about your own SEO strategy, and having a detailed understanding of what your competitors are doing can be invaluable in that process.

How Top SEO Companies in Nigeria Implement Local SEO: Getting More Customers From Localized Searches

If you have a business that serves the area surrounding it, making sure you’re found in local searches can bring in a lot of extra customers. Optimizing for local SEO means more than just making sure your location is clear. You can also use it to show opening hours, reviews and phone numbers (which smartphone users can click to instantly call).

Top seo companies in nigeria

Local SEO is really just these nine steps for Top SEO Companies in Nigeria.
  • Make sure your name, address and phone number are on your site. These must be in text form, not in an image, so that search engines can find and index the information. Good places for your name, address and phone number are the header and footer.
  • Be sure to use a consistent style for your business name, address and phone number. This will help you gain citations, mentions of your business on websites where a link to your site isn’t necessarily provided. Citations are important because they boost your visibility in local searches.
  • Create location pages if you have more than one location. As well as name, address and phone number (often shortened to NAP in local SEO), list opening hours, and add a map and details of how to get to the location.
  • Each location should have a unique description. If your business only has one location, you can add this information to your “about us” page rather than a separate location page.
  • Publish locally relevant content. Blogging with a local customer in mind is a great way of attracting new business and boosting your local SEO profile, which in turn will bring in yet more customers. If you sell products, posts with good pictures will tend to do well on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest where visual content is central.
  • If you provide a service, write posts which answer the kind of questions customers always ask. You can be sure there are people searching for those answers on Google. Blogging is one of the easiest ways of being seen as the local authority in your industry.
  • Be active on social media. You don’t necessarily need a large social media presence, just an active one. The more you engage with the local community by responding to comments and questions, the more your Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social profiles are likely to appear in local searches.

Top SEO Services in Lagos Nigeria -# 1 SEO company in Lagos Nigeria

  • Remember that giveaways and discounts can get your business a lot of attention on social networks. Engaging the local media can also work wonders. Reviews by local bloggers, websites and news outlets will frequently appear in local searches and they all help identify your business with a location.
  • Add your business to Google, Finelib, business directory and other local directories. Although Google will find and list your website automatically, you need to manually submit the location of your business. Once verified, your business will start appearing on Google Maps and local searches. To start the submission process, go to:
  • Once listed, make sure you add your business to at least four categories to increase your exposure.

Any Top SEO Company in Nigeria knows that Search engine optimization is getting tougher all the time. Not because the techniques are any harder than they used to be (although in a sense, they are ,after all, the tricks people used to employ don’t work as they did, but because it’s getting so much more competitive.

As more and more people learn about SEO, more and more of your competitors are doing a better and better job at SEO, so it gets harder and harder to compete for those top spots.

Top SEO Companies In Nigeria Are:
  1. EducraftMedia
  2. Taget Media
  3. Wild Fusion
  4. Crank Digital
  5. Wow Effect Communications
  6. Zeodigital
  7. CK Digital
  8. Web24 studio
  9. VTNS Solutions
  10. Dptrax

This list of Top SEO companies in Nigeria is based on user review and online presence.

Top SEO Companies in Nigeria in 2021-The Definitive Guide

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