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2 Social Media Marketing Experts in Lagos Nigeria

In planning your social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria, knowledge is essential. Social media has dominated the online world over the years.

Today, people and businesses are entering an extensive variety of sites to highlight what they offer, and when it comes to marketing your products, brand and services, you have to be as innovative as possible to remain on top of your game; given the amount of competition that exists out there, you have to be the best to make it big.

If you settle for something mediocre or choose a beaten path, then you and your company will probably go unnoticed. In planning your social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria, knowledge is essential

Social Media Marketing for businesses in Nigeria

Ask any online marketing expert about it and they will point to how it all boils down to making smart choices with your online marketing strategies and trying to beat out the competition by being as innovative as possible. Take a look at the Social media fact and stats below:

  • 90% of people with TVs and DVRs skip ads on television
  • The radio took 38 years to reach 50 million users.
  • 96% of the millennial generation in Nigeria are using social media. 
  • The television took 13 years to reach 50 million users.
  • The Internet took 4 years to reach 50 million users.
  • 73% of active online users have read blogs.
  • Facebook added 200 million users in 2010 alone 
  • 89% of Nigerian companies are using social media to recruit new employees.
  • 24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record declines because we’re a content-on demand society.
  • 50% of the world’s population is younger than the age of 30.

Social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria – Ways  businesses use social media to grow their business

Many businesses, particularly small businesses and upcoming businesses seem to shy away from social media marketing.

The reason being that social media marketing is such a vast area and they find it very intimidating because they don’t know where to start from, the area that should be targeted by them and where their potential audience are located.

In order to become successful through using of social media marketing for social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria, you really need to get yourself better acquainted with the complex hierarchy that exists and the workings of these platforms.

Like it is the case with any online marketing strategy, even in the case of social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria it will all have to start with you and your website. Your website should be the first thing you create and it will act as the foundation, the base on which you can start building your online marketing campaign.

Guide to Social Media Marketing for businesses in Nigeria

The truth about starting a business and marketing is that even if you have  the best product in your industry. It could be the greatest thing ever made and would make a difference in someone’s life. However, that does not mean people will see your creation. Your product or service may not have many sales.

Without proper planning marketing for social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria, no one may notice what you offer. To let people see your products or services you need to promote your work with an extensive social media marketing campaign.

You want people to learn what your product or service is and what makes it special and how it can help them to solve a particular problem they are having. Also, tell people what makes your offering worthwhile. More importantly, you need to stand out from the rest of the market.

The audience needs to know why your goods or services are different from everything else. This a unique reason why you need Social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria.

social media strategies to generate more leads in NIGERIA

Social media has never been more popular than it is now. With social media, people can interact with each other online. They can talk about anything in some of the world’s most unique digital environments.

Even more importantly, people are talking with each other about the products and services they deliver. Social media became a popular promotional tool that might be even more valuable than other traditional forms of advertising.

With social media for businesses in Nigeria, you have to make use of social media marketing to your advantage. It helps you highlight your business in a distinctive manner.

Social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria is all about creating and building relationships

Social media is all about building relationships, and it provides you with all the necessary tools and likely platforms for you to get this job done.

But this does not mean that you should ignore the basics things such as one on one personal communication, because this helps in building a good rapport with your customers. You can’t build a relationship overnight, it takes a while. This is not all about techonology, no not all. it’s all about the human beings.

Affordable SEO Marketing Service Nigeria | SEO Agency

Social media refers to various platforms that are available on the Internet, which provide users the chance to create their profiles and share and promote content. These social media platforms are all designed to help people and companies establish a social presence and let others know about their products and services.

Express your human side when on social media and people will start to follow. They will want to see what you have to say and will love you for it. More importantly, it shows that you understand the needs people have.

After all, businesses cannot afford to be depicted as massive smoke-churning factories that only care about profits. The businesses that care about people will remain unwavering and popular and commonly make big profits.

Sometimes a business could earn more than what the big guys’ gross, but only if enough effort goes into the mix.

Social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria:p of social media for marketing and for businesses in Nigeria

Social media offer an affordable, fast, and high-impact way to promote your business, bolster your brand image, and strengthen ties to your most ardent customers and reach out to more prospects and leads. 

The popularity of social media for businesses in Nigeria, as a marketing tool, rose in the last decade as more and more companies realized its true potential and began using it to their advantage. They understood that it is possible for them to reach out to millions of people, worldwide, and increase their customer base by several folds.

Social Media Marketing for businessea in Lagos Nigeria

Social media is now part of every company’s marketing strategy. Right from a small store in Ibadan to a multi-million dollar company in the Abuja, everybody is using the power of the Internet to get noticed and improve their product’s sales.

It is of course easier said than done and you have to put in the effort to make all the right choices for your company when embarking on social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria. Given the plethora of options out there, it is obvious that you will need a little help.

One of the best, and most preferred, ways to advertise your products, and reach out to millions of customers worldwide, is by making use of Social Media. As you know, the Internet plays host to billions of people worldwide and you can easily reach out to many of them just by tapping into the different social media avenues.

One of the biggest mistakes that a brand can make when using social media marketing  for businesses in Nigeria is to leap into social media marketing with no real clue of what they are going to do with it; only the vague hope it will somehow make them a fortune. While there is a possibility that you get really lucky, in most cases this kind of unplanned approach will lead to: 

  • unrealistic goal-setting, 
  • poor results, 
  • a huge waste of time, 
  • and ultimately a defeatist attitude that puts you off the idea of social media marketing completely.

Top Social Media Marketing Platforms for social media marketing for business in  Nigeria 

FACEBOOK, when implementing social media marketing for bubusesses in Nigeria

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. There are more than 1.2 billion active users on Facebook.

This is a platform that provides you with an opportunity to advertise about different kinds of businesses it can be paid or free advertising.

It also provides you with the option of creating pages dedicated solely to your business and this can help you engage your potential customers. Facebook ads work according to PPC model that allows you to target certain ads and specific audiences.

You can also share your content and communicate with your audience on a personal level.

Facebook Marketing for businesses in Lagos Nigeria

Twitter , when implementing social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria

If you use Twitter for your business, you can post updates known as tweets. A tweet cannot be more than 140 characters long and this condition gives twitter the feel of an SMS system.

You can create your business stage and you can make use of this for attracting new prospects and creating a platform for your already customers to update them. You can also make use of the promoted tweets feature that gives you access to paid advertising and you can reach a much wider audience by making use of this.

Twitter social media marketing

LinkedIn, when implementing social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria

LinkedIn is strictly a platform for business professionals and business to business (B2B)has more than 270 million active users. This is an incredible platform for anyone who is associated with the business world.

Unlike all the other social media networking sites that cater to both businesses as well as individual users, LinkedIn solely caters to different businesses.

On LinkeIn platform you can create a Company Page, which this gives you the opportunity to showcase how well your company is doing and it also gives you a means of reaching out to your potential customers.

LinkedIn s a platform you should really be on, especially if you are involved in Business-to-Business marketing.

This will allow you to find as well as hire employees or even search for any business leads by going through different profiles of likeminded people or people with similar interests. LinkedIn is a great place for reaching professionals who may be able to help you shape your marketing campaign.

After all, you’re connecting with likeminded professionals who have skills similar or complementary to yours, which helps you and them achieve your goals.

LinkedIn is certainly a platform any company should consider when embarking on social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria.

social media marketing tips

Pinterest, when implementing socialedia marketing for businesses in Nigeria

Pinterest is not just a platform where people get to pin photos. It is so more than that.  Pinterest has around 70 million active users at present and is still growing, and has all the potential in the world to still garner more users because Pinterest has popularity and number has been increasing at a steady pace.

It is a platform for both business, as well as individuals. Pinterest is ideal for arts and crafts items but not appropriate for financial planning services, for example. 

Pinterest social media marketing in Lagos Nigeria

Instagram, when implementing social media marketing for businesses in  Nigeria

Instagram is another popular social media site that is aimed at social media platform; that supports both photographs and videos. Since been acquired by Facebook, Instagram users have grown, and many companies now use it for brand promotion and promotion of products and services.

Instagram is a perfect option for all those businesses that rely heavily on visual media like fashion businesses, food, design, and travel and so on. Businesses can opt for either posting photos or videos of their products on Instagram and they can organize different photo or video contests for spreading publicity about their business.

Youtube, when implementing Social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria

In real sense, YouTube isn’t really a social media platform, but then it is the most visited video sharing site in the world and also the second most information searched site next only to Google. YouTube combines a lot of features that make this site a vital tool to make use of in your social media marketing strategy.

This is a free platform that anyone can access and you can make use of this site for publishing any videos that are related to your business or area of interest. You can also make use of the feature of paid advertising for promoting your products or services and this means that your ads would show up on videos that are posted by other users as well.

social media marketing

Understanding the Benefits and downside of Social Media marketing for buinesses in Nigeria

The downside to Social Media Marketing is that the services require a significant time investment to initiate and maintain a social media marketing campaign, and many limit distribution of unpaid posts, charging for advertising and distributing posts to your desired markets.

One benefit aspect of implementing social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria is that you will get more out of your marketing efforts. It is often a challenge to market your business because it costs money to print ads, rent out spaces or spots in papers or websites. With social media, you will avoid all of those issues. You will get your page marketed online through a site that is free to utilize.

With your personal account you will be able to post messages online free of charge by using social media. All these messages will link to your business site. The fact that your work is relatively interactive and more human makes this part of marketing all the more useful. If you are smart, you will not spend a penny on marketing.

People will retweet, repost, or forward smart messages that you created. These messages will always include your name and a link to your social media profile. This makes it easier for you to market your work because other people are technically doing it for you.

You may decide to use paid advertising solutions for social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria. This is where you could get preferred treatment on a search based on certain keywords. You can always spend a bit of money on this although it is optional. 

Decide which social media networks will work best when embarking on social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria

Unless you’re a big company with the resources to blow full speed ahead into every potentially viable social platform, chances are you’re better to focus on one or two “core” social networks first. Social media marketing is a long-term commitment. So, should you or shouldn’t you invest time and effort in this marketing avenue?

If you answer in the yes, then you have to make another decision: What form should that investment take? The number of options is overwhelming; you can never use every technique and certainly can’t do them all at once.

It’s better to excel on one or two social media networks than be mediocre on five or six, and while social media is (mostly) free, your time is valuable. 

Naturally as a human, you can always work with all social media sites we list here; as many as you want to make yourself visible. Nevertheless, that does not mean every single one of them is sensible for your needs, let alone easy to use. Every social media site is different based on whom it targets and how it is organized.

Each social media site is unique. Choose carefully when planning your social media campaign. If anything, having multiple social media sites is best as it gives you the opportunity to accomplish more.

Indeed, depending on the type of business you run, not every social media site is going to suit your marketing tactics, your audience, or what you are trying to achieve. To help you decide where to begin, you need to:

    • identify which social networks your target audience already hangs out
    • use customer personas and research of social network demographics to judge where you will best be received. 

Joining a social media platform like Facebook and Twitter by brands is simply due to their sheer size and influence. These social media platforms are more of “niche” communities with their own unique attributes and with hundreds of millions of users. Such social media platforms include among many:

  • Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, 

First, you need to start off by experimenting with a couple of social networks where you can 

    • invest some significant time
    • track your progress, 
    • and then either build on your achievements with them, or steadily begin to experiment with other platforms on which you might have additional or better success.

Just know that the social media space you decide to use should be chosen based on what your goals are. Facebook and Instagram  are okay if you want people to be more aware of your work. LinkedIn is perfect if you want to get leads. Snapchat is ideal if you want people to download an app.

Perform an audit to help shape your social media marketing strategy for your business

Embarking on an audit for your social media platforms when embarking on social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria is one of the best ways to get an idea of the kind of social media content strategy that will resonate with your audience, and a great way to decide upon what you want to post to your audience. You have to find take time out to:

  • identify your audience’s needs and interests on social media 
  • Find out what problems you can help them overcome, 
  • Find out what questions you can answer
  • Find out what types of content they prefer. Is it text, photo, graphics or video)
  • Find out when they are most likely to be around to see it. 

A tool like SEMrush is a popular option if you want to dig more into this.

social media in Nigeria for businesses

Identify your competitors when embarking on social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria

You probably know them already, but a simple web search will tell you about 

    • the types of visitors to their website
    • What their visitors are searching for
    • What keywords or keywords phrases their visitors used to locate their site on search engines
    • When they publish new blog post
    • What types of content seems to perform best for them

This method enables you to gain further insight by identifying how much of this content appears to be original versus shared from other sources, and what the topics and tone of voice used are like. With these information in your hand, you will have to create better outstanding contents that will make you stand out. And beat your competitors social media campaign.

Having the most likes on Facebook or more retweets of your posts than your competitors doesn’t mean much if these achievements don’t have a positive effect on your business.

If you undertake a social media marketing campaign, I urge you to keep your plans simple, take things slowly, and always stay focused on your customers. Most of all, follow the precepts of guerrilla marketing. Target one niche market at a time, grow that market, and then reinvest your profits in the next niche.

Discovering where your customers are before you embark on social media marketing for your business in Nigeria

To discover where your customers are spending their time online, you need to begin by understanding them better. Depending upon their socio-technographics (which means how your customers engage on the social platforms), they might be spending a lot of time on the major social platforms or very little.

The first step in understanding them is to determine their participation levels in the social Web. Even a small sample of users can yield a lot of valuable information about their online behaviors and the social platforms that they’re engaging on. Being direct with your customers is always important.

When you run your business, you have to understand what consumers wish for. You must also reach out to them whenever they have questions, complaints, or compliments. Social media marketing provides an opportunity to discover what people ask for, and what interests them the most.

Developing your social media marketing strategy for your business in Nigeria

With reference to Kabani, the founder of the social media agency called The Marketing Zen Group, An “ACT” framework for a successful online and social media strategy was developed. The acronym stands for 

  • Attract
  • Convert, and 
  • Transform


This means in order to attract likely prospects, you must stand out from a crowded field with a clear and unique brand, a strong value proposition, worthwhile content, social proof  such as:

    • Testimonials
    • an active, emotionally engaged community, 
    • and an appealing incentive for individuals to sign up for emails or fill out an inquiry form.


This means you need to optimize the design and user experience on your social platforms and your website, so that you can successfully convert browsers to buyers. 


This means to build build a bona fide personal and emotional connection with your customers or clients. Doing business with you should be no mere transaction. It becomes a relationship with your brand, one that inspires and rewards a passionate following, loyalty, and brand advocacy.

That’s a good way to view your overall business plan, your web presence, and your social media program. Social media marketing is a strategic effort to continually deepen the relationship between your business and its audience. You’re constantly nurturing your audience, encouraging them to graduate from prospects to buyers to loyalists.

social media in Nigeria image infographics

Using Social Media for Branding when implementing social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria

Social Media focuses on the need for 

  • branding, 
  • name recognition,
  • visibility, and
  • presence. 

Every company wants people to remember their name when they’re in need of their product or service and Social media services, of almost every type, are excellent ways to build your brand.

Integrating Social Media Marketing into Your Overall Marketing Effort for your business

Social media is only part of your online marketing. Online marketing is only part of your overall marketing. Don’t mistake the part for the whole. Consider each foray into social marketing as a strategic choice to supplement your other online-marketing activities, which may include:

    • Creating and managing a marketing-effective website
    • Displaying your product’s or service’s value
    • Paid media advertising (PPC)

Your brand reflects your business, its image, what you sell, and the values you hold. Your business will succeed when your brand becomes easier to spot. Using the right social media marketing strategies will make your brand visible and unique.

As you get on social media, it becomes easier for people to identify your brand and everything you stand for. With this, you are showing people what you want to say and that you are vigilant.

If you really want to build your brand, then you will have to concentrate on various other things as well. It is a really good move to have established your brand on major platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram, but what you need to remember is that these are not your only options.

You need to understand that your existing customers as well as potential and likely customers might be active on various other platforms and affinity groups that are not a part of the above mentioned popular platforms. You will need to broaden your horizons.

People who see your brand on different social media sites and hear from you regularly will be more interested in your offerings. They will note that you have something important to say. More importantly, people will have a clear understanding of what you present to them.

They will know what your brand is all about and what your values are. Being recognized on social media is critical to your success.

Social Media marketing for businesses  in Nigeria-  success tips in 2020

There are different platforms that you can make use of depending upon your conveniences, but before you zero in on any particular platform you need to realize that each of these platforms has got a definite format and particular rules that you will need to learn about, only then will you be able to use it for your advantage.

There will be plenty of time to expand your knowledge of these things later in another post, but before that you will need to get acquainted with the ones that you have opted to make use of. If you have decided that social media marketing is indeed the way to go for you, then the tools mentioned below will definitely prove to be really useful for you.

social media in nigeriaAffordable SEO Marketing Service Nigeria | SEO Agency

You can use these tools to schedule your posting to the social media platforms you have determined to use for your business:

  • Buffer
  • Later
  • Hootsuite
  • Loomly
  • Promo republic
  • CoSchedule
  • AgoraPulse
  • Tailwind
  • Crowfire
  • Loomly
  • Social monitoring
  • Sprout social
  • Tweet deck
  • SocialOomph
  • MeetEdgar
social media in nigeria picture infographics
social media in nigeria picture infographics

Beware of social media experts  when embarking on social media marketing for your business in Nigeria

Beware of these so-called social media experts; they are simply sprouting up out of nowhere. Everyone and anyone claims to be a social media expert these days. They all can talk the talk but not many of them can walk the walk. Simply having the knowledge about how to post on Facebook or boosted post, or post on Instagram, or tweet doesn’t make anyone an authority on this subject.

If any of these so called experts can manage to show that they have had years of productivity, have a good reputation, come with good and genuine references and have managed to produce results that can be quantified. Only such a person can be genuinely called as an expert. 

Now you have learnt all about Social Media Marketing for businesses in Nigeria. Is your business in Nigeria? you can implement all that is advised on this post yourself, or you can employ EducraftMedia Social Media Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria to help you in your social media marketing journey. Contact us now.

Social media marketing for businesses in Nigeria in 2021: The Definitive Guide

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