SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria in 2021- The Explicit Guide

SEO For Dentist in Lagos Nigeria- A guide to White-hat SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

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If you are reading this, it means you are interested in SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria or you are in dentistry and interested in SEO for dentists and dental practices and a guide to local SEO for dentists and best practices. 

Know that when considering SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria or SEO for your dentistry business website, there are several hundred known and theoretical ranking factors to be considered in fact above two hundred factors, and they affect “position” on Google. They determine how high your web site or post will rank on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines—the search engine optimization community is constantly trying to figure everything out, but Google is public with some things and not public with others.

SEO for Dentist in Lagos Nigeria is a must if you have a Dentistry business website in Lagos, Nigeria

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want more traffic, sales, or leads to their website. Website Optimization brings together the science, the art, and the business of Internet marketing in a complete way. From persuasion paths to search engine algorithms, from web page load performance to pay-per-click campaign management, and from organic search ranking metrics to multivariate testing. 

If a dentist doesn’t see the bigger-picture synergy of how to break social media, content, and SEO efforts out of departmental silos and approach Internet marketing and public relations holistically, how can they grow and remain competitive? 

So I ask you

  • Do you want to start getting traffic to your dental site and fast?
  • Do you want to get more leads that converts for your dentistry business?
  • Do you want your dental web page or post to show up on the first page of 
  • Do you need lots of invaluable, juicy tips to get your dental website ranking higher? 
  • Do you want to get your dental website known on the web alongside brands such as and
  • Are you interest in SEO for dentist?

Then you are definitely getting what you want from this post. So, lets delve into the business of you being here, which is knowing more about SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria. Read to the end.

What is SEO for Dentist in Lagos Nigeria ?


SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria can be defined as a combination of all the work necessary to produce a high volume of referral hits from 

  • search engines
  • web directories
  • Business listings
  • Social media platforms
  • and other websites, 

with the ultimate goal of making your dentistry website

  • Search engine friendly
  • Reader friendly
  • Load fast
  • Findable for people searching for your dentistry products and services
  • Show up on especially on the first page of Google’s SERP 


What is Dental Search Engine Optimization for Dental website in Lagos Nigeria?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the profession that attempts to optimize sites to make them appear in a high position in the organic search results. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization for your Dental Website attempts to optimize your Dental Business Website to appear high in organic results using SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria methodology.

In order to do so, SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria tries to fit your dentistry website to Google’s algorithm. Although Google’s algorithm remains secret, almost a decade of experience in SEO has resulted in a pretty good idea about the important factors. Lots of professional SEO Specialist have put forward theories to explain how Google’s algorithm These factors in Google’s algorithm can be divided into two categories:

    • On-page factors
    • Off-page factors

On-page Factors when implementing SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

On-page factors decide the ranking of your website. These factors include: 

  • Technical issues (e.g. the quality of your code)
  • Textual issues (e.g. structure of your site and text, use of words). 

Off-Page Factors when implementing SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

Off-page factors include 

  • The links to your site. The more other (relevant) sites link to your website, the higher your ranking in Google will be. 

SEO for Dentist in Lagos Nigeria business website will involve:

    • competitor analysis
    • keyword research
    • Internal website analysis
    • External website analysis
    • Internal link building
    • External link building
    • proper website architecture and development,  content development, and many other tasks.

Search engines have special software robots, often called crawlers, whose main job is to locate and build a list of words they find in the websites they go through. The crawlers usually start from popular web pages and heavily used servers, and follow all the links there to spread all over the web. SEO gets the visitor to the door. It is up to your site’s content to welcome and retain that visitor.

Benefits of SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

The following are the benefits you will definitely get when you embark on SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria for your dental website.

  • Site traffic when implementing SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

When you implement SEO for your dentist business website, you get tonnes of traffic back to your website base on your keywords or keyword phrases

  • Perceived relevance when implementing SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

Searchers perceive dental website that appears on the first page of  Google’s Search Engine as having relevance and thus they trust the site and prefer it to others. Main reason most searchers don’t search beyond page 1 of search engine result page. Google tries to keep things relevant and calculate a rank based on a variety of factors, including how popular material is. The more people who visit a site, the higher it will rank on a particular topic.

  • Trust when implementing SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

As I pointed out above, relevance breeds trust. The main reason SEO for your dentist business website is what you must embark on immediately.

  • Conversion (to sales) rates

Understanding the role of SEO for dentists and dental services in Lagos Nigeria

The role of SEO is not only to bring visitors from the search results, but continue thereafter to retain and convert them as well. In this larger role for SEO, there is a paramount need for creating quality and relevant website content, since it is the content that attract and retain the visitors in a website. If the visitors spend more time in a website it is a signal that the contents in the site are liked by them. And when that happens, there is greater chance of converting the visitors to take some kind of action.

In dental SEO implementation, the issue is how important and relevant a web-page is with respect to a particular set of words, called ‘keywords’ or ‘Keyword phrase’, in the eyes of search engines.

For example, if the homepage of your website is considered important by Google or any other search engine for the keywords (or key-phrase) ‘Dentist near me’,


then it has a good chance to rank among the top 10 search results for that search term. Should that occur, there could be a huge surge in traffic to the homepage, giving you the opportunity to boost your dentistry web business.

It is evident that SEO For Dentist in Lagos Nigeria encompasses a wide range of activities, all of which have to work together for the best results. At the very least some important SEO actions for best SEO for dentist are:

  • Keyword research
  • Planning site structure
  • Website designing
  • Content development
  • Link building
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Avoiding technical glitches

Black-Hat SEO is definitely bad for SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

There is a technique that seek to artificially inflate the relevance of web pages in the eyes of search engines so as to attain higher rankings in the search results. This is known as Black-Hat SEO. Some common techniques of BLACK-HAT SEO are:

    • Link farming.
    • Article Spinning
    • Keyword stuffing

Just know that black-hat SEO never serves any good purpose in the long term therefore, never consider it when implementing SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria. Search engines especially detest black-hat SEO. Implementing it for your dentistry website we cost you your business website. Moreover, they don’t really work nowadays. In fact, search engines like Google sophisticated technology will detect any implemented black-hat SEO techniques on your dentist site. When that happens, the concerned website may no longer show up in any search engine again.

Good SEO does not really care about the look and feel of your website for the most part. You want to have a great looking website but you have to incorporate not less than 200 different coded items that Google and the other search engines look for and the list grows every year. The coding behind the look of your website is actually more important to the search engines than what your visitors see when they come for a visit.

That’s why some of the ugliest websites make the first page of Google. It really boils down to a task of marketing your website not only to your customers but to the search engines as well.

For Best implementation for SEO for dentists in Lagos Nigeria, you may want to stick to the following:

  • Stick to White-Hat SEO techniques.
  • Know that there is no shortcut to SEO. Hard-work pays.
  • SEO is sum-total of long-drawn & continuous effort.
  • SEO seeks to level the field between the mightiest & the weakest.
  • Don’t try unethical means; you will definitely not succeed at it.
  • Don’t pay heed to every expert view.
  • Find out real SEO experts and follow their views as they do many tests & interact frequently.

Guide to local SEO for your dental business in Lagos, Nigeria

Here are some indicators to follow to determine how SEO for dentist will be implemented and when it should be implemented:

    • Your dentistry product is relevant & has demand in your target market.
    • Your dental business website is designed well with an eye on usability.
    • Your dental business website has a system of adding fresh, targeted, relevant contents.
    • Your dental business website has strategically located landing pages or squeeze pages to attract & organize flow of traffic.
    • Your dental business website does not follow wrong, dubious, unproven SEO strategy.
    • Your dental business website’s performances are measurable for some basic parameters.
    • You have patience to watch SEO work bit by bit, and acknowledge that unlike other marketing, SEO does not give results immediately.
    • You are ready to be in touch with the latest SEO happenings since web marketing is constantly changing.

Relevance of Google and SEO for dental website


Google has stated that having the keywords your focused on a webpage in the Keyword Meta tag on the coding of a website page is no longer a requirement. But don’t leave the keywords and the tag out completely. They are still helpful on other search engines. 

Google scans the actual relevant content that is on the web page and places more weight on the words placed in the Title tag and the description tag. In fact so much weight is now given; you shouldn’t place anything other than a single keyword in the Title tag of each page or focus the page on more than one keyword. If Google is to rank your website well, you must be compatible with as many browsers and smart phones as possible.

As long as keywords appear to be on the web-page naturally and not an attempt to try and boost search engine rankings with lots of keyword stuffing.

Natural occurrence is where search engine algorithms look at your website page as well as how often your website is mentioned on the Internet. It then compares this statistical information with the search engine algorithm to see if it is natural meaning it is about the average amount it should be seeing the keywords mentioned. This means that A page will never show in the results of a search engine search without the keyword or keyword relevance showing up on the actual text of a page. Meaning if you are targeting your page for “Dentist in Lagos Nigeria”, make sure the words are prominently displayed on the page in actual text. 

If you have a website that is already ranked or you are over six months in to your SEO campaign you have to look at the keyword list from Google. You can take in to account the amount of competition the keyword has and make better decisions on the keywords you can target. If you have a high Google ranking for your website or web-page you can compete against pretty much whoever you want for the keywords that have a much higher competition score.

Considering Long Tail Keywords in Local SEO when implementing SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria

Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that have at least two, and some times as many as five descriptive words in the phrase. Just like normal keywords, long tail keywords are used to define what is on the web page and what the searcher wants to more specifically find.

Long tail keywords are more specific, and tend to draw less but quality traffic for your dentist website, for keywords that have much less competition. Visitors to your website normally use long tail keywords to narrow down what they are searching for. When a potential visitor to your website is looking to whiten her teeth in Festac, Lagos, if they just searched for “whiten teeth” they might get results from all over the country and not targeted to their local area.

They might then create a more refined long tail keyword search such as “Festac teeth whitening dentist” to get more specific results.


You have to take that in to account and optimize for that keyword combination as well. Another keyword combination you might also target is “Teeth whitening dentist shop in Festac Lagos”.

To know what long tail keywords to focus on, researching and brain storming for yourself is basically the only way to know what keywords to focus on. There are no good automated tools out there to learn those from. A small investment of time and effort could pay off dividends in the future. Longer tail keywords always have a much lower competition score and if your website focuses on a local geographical area you need to always include the city and keyword. You will want to focus on the opposite form as well.

So if you are in for example,Ikoyi, you will want to focus on “Ikoyi teeth whitening  dentist” as one keyword phrase and “Teeth whitening Ikoyi Lagos” as a completely separate keyword. People tend to put the city first more often identifying their geographical location.

Now that we have an understanding of the keywords we are going to use, the first step is to create a page for each keyword and setup the Meta Tags and the Title for each one of those pages you are optimizing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) For Your Dentistry Website

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is not just SEO. More accurately, SEM includes PPC or pay-per click advertising. Search engine marketing is about doing whatever you need to do to ensure that your web site ranks as high as possible in search engine results. This means not only that you make the needed changes to your web-site design, but that you also employ other tactics, like using a paid advertising program or investing in content strategies.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of using natural search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to increase the visibility of your website. To convert your new found leads into buyers and make the most of your advertising budget, SEM also includes conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

Implementing SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria: Features of Keywords

In implementing dental SEO, the following are features of keywords you need to comprehend. The keywords are with regard to their use in web-pages and what they seek to convey to the search robots:

  • Keywords are a combination of words that are used more frequently in a web-page than any other combination of words.
  • Keywords are used in strategic places in a web page, such as the title, description meta-tag, heading, body, alt tags of images, and in one or two hyperlinks that lead to other pages.
  • The keywords must be relevant to the topic of the web-page in particular, and to the website in general.
  • The keywords are expected to be bold or italicized at one or 2 places to mark them out when a visitor sees the page, and also for the search engines to take note of.
  • The use of keywords in various combinations in several pages over time should be able to define the reputation and authority of a website on its niche topic.
  • Keywords in a page are those that are used by other pages in your website and other websites to link to that page.
  • keywords must be those that are actually searched by the users to find information on the web.

What is dental SEO keyword research?

Keyword research is the activity you undertake in order to come up with an extensive list of keywords you would like to rank for. Keyword strategy can be defined as all the decisions you make on the basis of that keyword research. 

Keyword research is the basis of all search marketing. It starts with explaining what you do in the language your audience uses. Keyword research furthermore helps you to discover what you should be ranking for, or aiming to rank for.

Understanding how search engine works for Dental SEO in Lagos Nigeria

Understanding how a search engine works helps you to understand how your pages are ranked in the search engine, which also influences how searches found your site. That’s where the human element comes in. Search means different things to different people. 

For example, one of my colleagues searches the Internet using the same words and phrases he would use to tell someone about a topic or even the exact question that he’s trying to get answered. It’s called natural language. 

Another, however, was trained in search using Boolean search techniques. She uses a very different syntax when she’s creating a search term. Each of them returns different search results, even when each is using the same search engines.

The characteristics of search refer to how users search the Internet. This can be everything from the heuristics they use when creating a search term to the selection the user makes (and the way those selections are made) once the search results are returned. One interesting fact is that more than half of Nigerian adults search the Internet every time they go online. And in fact, more people search the Internet than use the yellow pages when they’re looking for phone numbers or the locations of local businesses.

This wealth of search engine users is fertile ground for SEO targeting. And the better you understand how and why users use search engines, and exactly how search engines work, the easier it will be to achieve the SEO you’re pursuing.

Local SEO Guides For Dentists in Lagos Nigeria – What you should do with your dentist website

There’s a lot of tactical advice online about search, social media, and content marketing for companies that want to better connect with customers, but that advice doesn’t always consider the differences between types of companies or even content within companies. For the best return on marketing investment, it’s important to understand that there are notable differences in tactics for effective optimization depending on the audience and how they prefer to discover, consume, and act on information, in your own case, people looking for dentistry products and services. Consider doing the following:

  • Think about your current content, optimization, and social media marketing efforts. How could you start integrating those programs?
  • What areas of your content marketing could you start optimizing related to content discovery, consumption, and sharing?
  • Is your content optimization more focused on keywords or customers?
  • Consider how you could begin to evaluate customer needs as inspiration for keyword research and content.
  • Look at your current social media content. Where might you begin to optimize for better social engagement and customer experience?
  • Identify the spectrum of content types used from the top of the buying cycle to customer support. Consider how you might optimize and socialize content more holistically.

SEO for Dentist in Lagos Nigeria 2020

Marketing your dentistry business in 2020 online is much different than traditional marketing. You need to show up when people who need products and services like yours search for your product or service on Google or other search engines like,


BEST SEO FOR DENTISTS, Yahoo, among others, when you are spoken about on social media, or when you receive a review or a comment.

Why? Because showing up equals cash. Because showing up means more leads, and more leads means more conversion, and more conversion equals more profit. Showing up on Googles first page or on any other search engine increases your overall profitability. More reasons to show up include:

    • 80% of consumers search for a product/service before purchasing it
    • 70% read online reviews before making purchase decisions
    • 68% of consumers begin their decision-making while searching for a keyword
    • Websites that blog regularly receive 55% more traffic and over 80% more leads compared to websites that don’t
    • Over 70% of search clicks are organic

The list goes on none stop. But you don’t need 100 books on statistics to know that showing up on the the first page of search engines especially Google SERP reaps big profits. You already know it. We all turn to, social media, review blogs, and other places on the Web when we make most decisions in life in 2020, and that also includes purchase decisions. And that is the Gospel Truth.

Yet, many businesses still miss out on the vast opportunities search engines, blogs, and social media have to offer. They fail to show up when consumers search for or talk about them. At the focal point of decision-making, when the purchase intent is as high as it gets, they leave money on the table.

Does Your Dentistry Business Website Show Up on Google’s First Page? 

Do a quick test, right now and right where you are reading this post on your mobile phone. Google a couple of keywords that best describe your product or service. (Not your brand keywords please), but more generic terms related to what you or your dental business actually does or wants to do. See sample keyword search phrase in the image below:


Where do you appear on Google Search Engines Results Page (SERP)? Don’t despair if you don’t show up on the first page, but be aware that not showing up at all is a prescription for disaster, because the Internet has changed how we decide what to buy. Whether people are searching for treatment to tooth decay, braces for their teeth, or a remedy to whiten a brown colored teeth, search has become an integral part of the mechanism of commerce.

This is the moment of truth for you, because you have to decide if decorating the world wide web with your beautiful website s enough for you or if generating leads that converts to customers is what you want.

SEO for dentist – You just have to show up on page 1 for your dentist website 

Consumers are searching, but if they can’t find you, you don’t exist. If you don’t talk to them, you are not relevant. Without awesome content, you are boring. In a world where 80% of consumers search for a product or service before purchasing it, invisibility is a fate much worse than failure

SEO for dentist – Now is the time to make a decision about your dentist website SEO

The good news is that the time has never been better for dentist and

to reach targeted audiences. New digital tools have emerged making it possible for individuals and businesses to make millions of dollars online without having to shoulder the often prohibitive costs associated with starting, running, and promoting a real business. 

The traditional barriers to entry do not exist anymore. Smart marketers can now reach targeted media audiences without spending millions of dollars, simply by ranking well on Google, Bing, or YouTube, and being influential on social networks. And yet 80% of dental websites are marketing like it’s early 2000. You can do better.

SEO for dentist – EducraftMedia can help you with your dentist SEO

Will you like to:

  • Generate more lead with organic content and data for your dentistry business
  • Rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for your dentistry business
  • Be more competitive locally and internationally
  • Improve website performance and offer better user experience
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Increase foot traffic to your physical office
  • Make your dentistry listings accessible and find-able online
  • You want to stand out from the to much noise of Crowded dentist businesses

EducraftMedia is positioned to to help you succeed online. With expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Development and Marketing, Paid Media Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, we will analyze your company’s goal, your target market, your buyers journey, and your current online presence.

We will help you increase your online presence and generate more leads that converts. We will place your products and services before searchers who are actually searching online for services like yours.

When can you schedule a 10 minutes meeting to speak? We could have a meeting online through Zoom or Google Meet, may you prefer call, WhatsApp or a face-to-face meeting, we can surely arrange one. Click schedule a meeting with Johnson below to schedule a meeting with us.

Schedule a meeting with Johnson

You might be bothered and say, why should I be having a meeting with a total stranger, remember am a stranger trying to help your business grow online. Click meet our Media Head below to learn more about our Media Head:

Meet Our Media Head

We will do an SEO Audit, we will find the top ten keyword phrases for your dentist business and dentistry listings, and their monthly search volumes. About 45% of the monthly search volumes goes to the number 1 on Google’s SERP. If you are number 1 for all 20% of these phrases, you’ll probably be getting between twenty to forty thousand of these visitors per month.

How do you think your business will be doing if you get about 50,000 of all the people searching for all these keywords. Those search phrases will result to foot traffic, will results to leads, will result to conversions, will result to money. We can help you achieve this feat.

Hope you enjoyed this post on SEO for dentist in Lagos Nigeria. We will like to hear from you, and don’t forget to be part of the FREE SEO AUDIT. Yes, its totally FREE.

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