SEO Backlinks : What are backlinks and how do you create backlinks free in 2022?

In this post, we are going to be looking at how to use Gutenberg for Custom Meta Fields. If you are one of those who have been looking for how to create Custom Meta Fields in Gutenberg, then this post is for you.

In this post we will be looking at What SEO Backlinks are and how you should go about creating them freely, also rules and regulations you are expected to observe when creating backlinks.

Gaining An Understanding of SEO Backlinks

In the world of website development and SEO there are only two types of SEO Backlinks. The two types of links are:

  1. Internal links and
  2. External links or backlinks.

SEO Internal Links

Internal links are when links point to other pages within the same website. It is when you link a phrase, test or image on a post or page on a website to another page of post on the same website. The page or post linked to must have a relevance to the test, image or phrase from which the link originated.

SEO External Links or Backlinks

External links or Backlinks are incoming links from external websites. These types of links will originate from your own website and link to another website. It is when you link a phrase, test or image on a post or page on a website to another page of post on another website. The page or post linked to on a different website must have a relevance to the test, image or phrase from which the link originated.

According to Google, Backlinks or External links have far more authority as a ranking factor than internal links. If your site targets a set of keywords that have an unusually low threshold of competition, you can get it to high rank with relatively few backlinks with strategic internal linking.

Understanding What Link Nets Is And How To Apply Them In Your Post

Let’s have an example that you have a post you have creates in the past or just created, and the post is based on “Best CRM Software for Small Business”, which is the focus keyword phrase, you just have to make sure these phrase appears in the post title first. In this case, the tile tag can be “WordPress Top 3 Best CRM software for Small Business”.

If you notice, “Best CRM software for Small Business”, WHICH IS BOLD AND UNDERLINED is the focus keyword. Am not saying you should bold and underline it in your post content, although there is nothing wrong with doing that either. Its just used here for the sake of emphasis. Hope that’s clear.

In addition to making sure that the keyword appears in the title tag

(“WordPress Top 3 Best CRM software for Small Business”), it is also advisable that it appears in one of the Sub-Headers. It can appear in:

  • Header 2 (H2)
  • Header 3 (H3)
  • Header 4 (H4)
  • Header 5 (H5)
  • Header 6 (H6)

It can appear in a sub-heading as “How To Determine The Best CRM Software for Small Business”.

It should also appear a couple of times within your post content body, after which, you should perform internal linking on the keyword phrase by linking from additional pages or post on your website. You can decide to link to two or three post content on your website.

The idea of having one page with a primary keyword and several pages supporting it with links is called a link net.

In the above example, the “How To Determine The Best CRM Software for Small Business” post would get links from two other posts like:

  • Best Cheap CRM Software for your small business
  • How to install and use CRM Software for your small business”

Each of these articles would contain a link to the Focus keyword post, using the focus keyword as the anchor text. The anchor text is the text used in the hyperlink.

The HTML Structure of Links

A link is just an HTML tag. Specifically, it’s an anchor (<a>) with an href attribute. To link to a web page, you would use the following code: <a href=“”>Anchor Text </a>.

As you can see, the page being linked to is the URL defined in the href attribute, and the anchor text is what the reader sees and clicks on to get to the page. Unless the referring page contains code that overrides the browser’s default, links will have blue underlined text, just like the search results in Google.

Why Backlinks Matter in SEO

Backlinks do matter in SEO because according to Google, one of the main factors of ranking of any page or post is primarily determined by the quantity and quality of backlinks. Also note that great content is the foundation of good external link. Make sure your contents are readable and is what people are searching for online and actually do deal extensively with the topic you wrote on.

Do Some Links Matter More Than Others

Affirmatively, some links do matter more than others. A link from an authority site (an A-list blog or the website of a national news magazine) can literally be worth dozens or hundreds of links from less respected sites due to a combination of the following:

  • higher PageRank
  • keyword authority
  • and backlink count.

As you might expect, it’s harder to influence and convince authority sites to link to yours unless your site has a high enough profile of its own. Your website content must be one that is worth linking to. Please, understand that I do not by any means mean that getting links from low profile sites is worthless.

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Its just that you need to find keywords whose competitiveness is low enough for the building of weaker backlinks to have a realistic effect.

How to build links

Once you have between ten to twenty pages or more pages of content on your site,then you can go ahead and start building external links. You can about this by:

Guest Posting

Guest posting on other authority sites. Again, authority is relative. If the name of the sites you want to target don’t immediately come to mind, don’t worry. Let Google do the job of finding the best websites in the category you are searching for.

Suppose you wanted to promote your site on CRM Software For Small Business, you can enter the following search: “submit * guest post” ~CRM Software For Small Business OR ~CRM Software  OR ~Customer support for businesses.

This will search Google for any phrase containing “submit” and “guest post,” in addition to any of the keywords in the query or their synonyms. The tilde character (“~”) is a search operator instructing Google to include the synonyms of the keyword in the search. You can now start contacting the webmasters whose sites are at the top of the list.


You can just email them with a straightforward request to guest post. There’s really no reason to not want to try it out because you’re giving them free content for their website, and they would have to write one less blog post, in exchange for a link in your article pointing back to your website.

Don’t also forget that you would get a high rejection rate, despite the fact that you are giving out free content. Most webmasters and bloggers get dozens of requests a day for links, book reviews, affiliate offers, etc. Even if 80% to 90% of your offers are turned down, you’ll still get more opportunities to guest post than you can write for if you’re contacting a decent number of sites.

SEO BACKLINKS : What are backlinks and how do you create backlinks free in 2022?

No matter your approach to getting links back to your website, ensure they are genuine links from sites with moderately high to very high PageRank that are actually relevant to your Website content focus keyword.

Also Google Search Link Spam Update Algorithm is something to take serious into consideration when building links back to your website.

Links are one of the ways Google understands what content a particular searcher needs, Though sites are expected to have links, site owners are also strictly advised to have quality links that do not violate Google’s Quality Guidelines

Moreover, the fundamental principle of the web is to allow any document to link to and to be linked from any other document. This is how Sir Tim Berners-Lee intended it when he first proposed the hypertext protocol in 1989 as a way to help researchers interlink related documents from computers all over the world, but we now found it to have been abused over time because webmasters just want to rank higher.

The main aim of Google Search Link Spam is to target links that are Spam Like. We all know that links play powerful role when ranking one’s site on the Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing especially Google Search engine and also the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). This means that those

  • who have not gotten the links on their website the right way .
  • who have violated Google’s link acquiring quality guidelines.
  • who have not dealt with links that have commercial value the right way.
  • who engage in either publishing or acquiring links with excessive sponsored .and guest posting without proper link tags.
  • who enjoys involvement in link spamming.
  • who have not used appropriate rel values.
  • whose Products related searches fail to qualify affiliate links appropriately.

Will all be affected by this update. Google expect all links to be qualified appropriately. When building your SEO backlinks, you have to consider Google Link Spam Update. Learn more about Link Spam Update Here.

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