Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram in 2021

In this post, we will be looking at Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How to Promote Your School On Instagram. This post will explain all you need to know about Instagram and how you can use it as a leverage in your school marketing campaign.

In this post, we will be looking at Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How to Promote Your School On Instagram. This post will explain all you need to know about Instagram and how you can use it as a leverage in your school marketing campaign.

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1 Instagram For Schools : Why It’s a Must For Your School

Instagram is changing how brands and consumers interact in the 21st century. Consumers now expect brands to communicate visually, posing new challenges for organizations to adopt new practices in marketing. This is an exciting opportunity for school businesses to reach out and connect to their customers in an unobtrusive and natural way.

Instagram Users Instagram has over half a million active users every month. These users have shared over forty billion photos since the conception of Instagram, and they share an average of ninety-five million photos and videos every day. Eighty percent of the users come from outside of the United States, and it’s used by men, Instagram might be a good option for you. Plus, it can mean a lot of exposure if your photo or video goes viral.

Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram

The general concept of Instagram was to let people take photos with their mobile devices and share them on a social media network. Moreover, you can do other things than just send photos; post messages along with the photos and add some fun digital filters.

Instagram For Schools : Why It’s a Must For Your School

Instagram became a popular place for marketing, but it is also became very popular thanks in part to its tie to Facebook. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Today it is estimated that Instagram has around 375 million users around the world.

Over the years, around 40 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram. That is how powerful and viable Instagram is. The fact that it has full backing from Facebook makes Instagram even more popular.

Instagram For Schools: Types of People Who Use Instagram

Instagram became a popular place to many people over the years.

In 2017 the following information about Instagram was collected by Sprout Social;

  • Majority of people on Instagram are in the 18-29 age range
  • There are no real disparities between Instagram users regarding income.
  • People making $75,000 annually or more use Instagram, as those who earn less than $1,000 a year.
  • Most of the people on Instagram are in urban environments.
  • While around 26% of men online use Instagram, nearly 38% of women use it. The statistics show that today’s younger generation is more interested in Instagram than other social media platforms. This actually means that as a school if you want to target the younger generation, Instagram is your best bet.

Can you do anything for your school business on Instagram?

You can use Instagram to promote anything your school business offers. You can post pictures or short videos of what your classrooms, facilities, services and events. You can even include striking images of some of your students at work.

There are no limits as to what you can do with your Instagram campaign. Like any other social media site, you can interact with others on Instagram. You can leave comments on other videos and tag them to others who might be interested. Do this with anything relating to your business. Just search through Instagram to find things relating to your interests.

Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram
Instagram For Schools:

You will be impressed at how assorted and vast Instagram is. With the site growing as well as it has been, it only makes sense to promote your school business there.

Instagram requires business who use it for marketing to develop a new, solely visual method of storytelling and brand building. Brands have evolved from advertising producers to content creators, and they are now expected to act as artists and visual storytellers to connect with their target audience on Instagram.

Why You Should Use Instagram For Marketing Your School Business Instagram is a powerful marketing channel that brands should be using to its fullest extent. As it stands, Instagram is the right solution for marketing at the right time.

The millennial generation has become incredibly proficient in filtering traditional and digital methods of advertising. Some of the most sought-after target markets are systematically screening out advertising by consuming content online, using Adblocker, Netflix, pirating, and many other methods. With Instagram, you can meet these buyers on their home turf and share your story in a memorable and authentic way.

Instagram provides a unique interactive ecosystem for brands and their consumers. As a result of the platform’s highly visual nature, Instagram allows marketers to convey their brand story differently.

Through the use of pictures and videos, brands have the opportunity to engage their audience with media that is less inhibited by language barriers. This means that branded content on Instagram resonates with consumers in a way that words seldom can by appealing to an emotional level.

This shift towards the adoption of a visual approach in marketing and the high usage of mobile devices attests to Instagram’s key position within a brand’s social strategy. Society is increasingly developing an image-based understanding of the world.

It is therefore unsurprising that 83% of all human learning is obtained through visual processes. Visuals are highly memorable to viewers. As people spend more time online, sensory experiences also become that much more powerful.

Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram 56
Instagram For Schools:

The use of powerful imagery can relay more information in a shorter amount of time. Because 44% of users are more likely to engage with brands that use pictures than with those who do not, brands can create a stronger emotional tie with viewers through effective visuals. In a fast-paced generation where consumers’ attention can be lost within seconds, a picture may be worth much more than words alone.

Posting content on a platform where your consumers are already engrossed provides additional opportunities for engagement. Because 93% of Instagram users are second-screeners and quickly absorb content, consumers can utilize any combination of TV, smartphone, computer, or tablet when engaging with content.

Lines are blurring, however, between a person’s primary and secondary screens. Users interact with so much content on their smartphones that it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify which screen is secondary, as Instagram may be the consumer’s primary source of content intake. This digital abundance is promising for brands, since Instagram users are avid consumers of branded content on a variety of devices.

Only Post Great Image and Video Content When Implementing Instagram For Schools

Great posts leave lasting memorable effects on the viewer.

Outstanding photos and videos have its users coming back for more.

There are several parts that make up a post that leaves an emotional impression. The combination of copy and content make up the technical aspects of great posts.

What drives posts from mediocre to great is how they work in tandem to create experiences. Inspirational, consistent, authentic,  content give soul to your brand. Instagram is a marketplace to sell your unique ideas.

Instagram developed their own brand identity with its inception of iconic photo filters. Developing a unique visual style for the brand within the confines of the Instagram platform is critical to create a strong identity and high consumer recall. Strong visual character differentiates a brand.

  • What makes your visual content different from your closest competitor?
  • What kind of cues can a viewer take from imagery that clearly identifies a photo with a specific brand?

Create A Unique Visual Narrative When Implementing Instagram For Schools

Brands on Instagram are rewarded for expressing unique narratives. Consumers expect consistency and high-quality content. Users are quick to follow great content, but are just as quick to unfollow if content is not engaging or produced slowly.

Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram 678
Instagram For Schools:

Every brand must find a way to create custom content that adheres to the brand promise, maintain consistency, and balances different themes.

The best Instagram brands promise to deliver more than photos and videos to their followers: they forge an emotional connectivity with their brand experience. Like all great marketing, this strategy comes from a unique consumer understanding and brand insights. A brand’s promise should be prominently conveyed by its Instagram presence.

Pick Your Storytelling Themes When Implementing Instagram For Schools

A powerful Instagram account begins by identifying the key pillars of content that align with the brand storyline. Is the brand storyline linear, circular, or disruptive? What branding archetype is it seeking to tell? These are important factors in mapping out a brand’s content roadmap, planning post frequency, delivering photos and videos for each pillar, and highlighting relevant content.

Instagram users want to be sold on a story. Brands need stories capable of being told over an extended period of time. A brand story requires enough depth to carry the storytelling forward by introducing, developing, and twisting new content.

The story must be something consumers find unique, deep, and socially relevant. Identifying which archetype or archetypes a brand best represents allows it to deliver tailored results to consumers. Archetypes provide a powerful frame of reference that is understandable and relatable to viewers.

The best brands are story makers. The most memorable stories are those that we tell ourselves. Personal narratives and desires evolve based on the human need to reinforce their worldview and bolster self-esteem.

Consumers want to able to clearly understand the brand’s purpose to gauge its compatibility with their own choices. Authentic brand storytelling highlights product context and features through visual mediums, leaving the consumers to extract a cohesive impression.

Use a Business Profile When Implementing Instagram For Schools

You need an Instagram Business Profile to get the service to work for you. With this, you can gain access to many functions including advertising features and analytical insights. Best of all, it is easy to get your profile set up for business functions. You only need to get a Facebook account ready to help:

  • Click the circular settings icon on your profile page.
  • Tap the option to switch your profile to a business one.
  • Choose the Facebook page that you will link to your Instagram profile.
  • Keep your account set to public.
  • Check your business’ contact information. Make sure the content is accurate before you confirm it.

This lets your Instagram channel become a business page devoted exclusively to what you offer. Your page will display not only the videos and photos you add but also contains important details related to your business.

This includes information on your location and ways of communication. The business layout even lets the user click a Contact button. This button allows a person to call or email you or to get directions making it easier for people to reach you.

Don’t Forget to Edit Your Photos Properly When Implementing Instagram For Schools

Now that you have a business-oriented Instagram account, you need to add content. It is one thing to add photos and videos to the account, but it is even more important that the subject matter is good.

This is to establish a professional look on your page. Your marketing campaign will run smoothly if you edit your photos fittingly.

Here are a few things to do When Implementing Instagram For Schools

Consider uploading a photo you have put on your mobile device from another source. You have the options to take a photo and send it immediately to Instagram or to upload a photo that you have taken elsewhere.

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This could be great for professional photos taken a while ago that you might want to share on Instagram. Your photo can be properly edited to look clear and useful. You could also upload a photo that you have taken on your device.

Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram 9090

Instagram’s app supports all major mobile devices. Any device that can use the Instagram app can link to its camera feature.

  • After you upload a photo, click on the photo’s triple dot emblem.
  • Click on the Edit option.
  • Go to the Adjust menu. This gives you access to effects and filters you can utilize. You have the option to add many unique physical features to add an outstanding look to your photo. The next few steps involve some of these special filters.
  • Use the Crop option to move the photo or to zoom in so only a  certain bit of that photo will appear on the screen.

How to Work with a Video When Implementing Instagram For Schools

You can add videos to your School business Instagram page. Videos can be up to 60 seconds in length. This should be sufficient to highlight a product demonstration or a brief interview. When getting a video ready, recognize what you will get from it and how it can be displayed on anyone’s mobile device.

There are a few points to follow for a video on Instagram working for your business:

  • Rather than just taking a video on the fly, upload a video from your mobile device’s library. Although you have the option to record a video and get it uploaded onto Instagram right away, it might be best to use a video you already uploaded onto your page. Anything that has been edited and prepared for use is always perfect. Upload that video to your mobile device, which can then upload the file to Instagram.

Never Forget to Add A Location When Implementing Instagram For Schools

One idea for Instagram marketing involves adding a location to your photos or videos. A location listing includes information on where a photo or video was taken. It could also be edited to display where your school business is based.

This lets you reach local users as they search for certain keywords on Instagram, who get responses from their local communities first. This means you might appear first on a search page or at least close to it depending on where the person is located.

  • Upload or shoot a photo or video.
  • Go to the Add Location option after adding your effects and filters.
  • Search for your location and enter it.
  • Click on the Share button

Linking with Facebook When Implementing Instagram For Schools

Getting your Instagram account connected to Facebook is a valuable idea. You can get your Instagram account linked to share your posts on Facebook. Since Facebook’s pages are optimized to support Instagram posts, there are no worries about your Instagram shots looking odd on your Facebook feed. Use these steps to connect your account to Facebook.

  • Tap the three-dot icon on your Instagram profile.
  • Scroll to the Linked Accounts option.
  • Enter the Facebook option.
  • Add your login information for your business’ Facebook account.
  • Do this for as many Instagram accounts as you need. You can get multiple accounts linked to a single Facebook page.
  • Go to your Facebook page to adjust how the photos are viewed. To begin, only friends on your page will see the photos. Change the settings to make your photos available to everyone.
  • You can also use the same menu to separate the Facebook account from your Instagram account. Instagram has similar features to share your work with others on Tumblr and Twitter as well. It is best to use this for Facebook in the early stages because Facebook and Instagram closely linked to one another. Instagram’s layout works great on Facebook.

Marketing Your School Business on Instagram When Implementing Instagram For Schools

Statistics claims that as of late 2017, there are around 800 million people around the world using Instagram. They also remark that nearly a million different groups are advertising on Instagram at any given time. This proves Instagram is a valuable and useful option for your marketing.

Instagram does not have its own dedicated advertising management system. Rather, you use the Facebook Ads Manager to get manage your ads. Make sure you have a suitable Facebook account so it works for you. The process entails getting your Instagram ads to appear  prominently.

Getting Your Instagram Ads Supported Through Facebook When Implementing Instagram For Schools

Be certain that your Facebook account is properly linked to your Instagram account before you start this process.

  • Go to the Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Set the objective you have for your campaign.
  • Enter your target audience. This is who will be more likely to see the ad.
  • When choosing your placements, go to the Instagram section under the Platforms tab.
  • Click to have your Instagram feed work as an ad system.
  • Set up a budget and timing schedule for your campaign
  • Create your Instagram ad.

This leads to the next process.

The Ads Manager will receive your Instagram posts and make them available for audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram 555

Now, Promote Your Post

There is also the option to promote individual posts on your account. By promoting a post, that photo or video appears first on a search for words relating to that post. It will appear when the keywords in the description are used for a search. This is best when you want to make a popular post more visible.

To promote your post:

  • Make sure your profile is a business one first. Refer to the previous Instagram section of this guide.
  • Tap on the post you want to promote.
  • Click the Promote option under the post.
  • Enter details on the post reach.
  • List your budget based on what you will spend in a 24-hour period and your maximum price per click.
  • Enter how long you want the post to be promoted.
  • Confirm the details and click the Promote button. It might take an hour or so for your post to be officially promoted. Instagram reviews content to secure it is appropriate.
Important Tips for an Instagram Campaign When Implementing Instagram For Schools

As great as your Instagram marketing campaign can be, watch carefully for how your photos and videos are organized. There are a few vital tips to get a campaign to work its best:

  • Create a distinct personality in each ad.
  • Use proper keywords in your description to make your work easier to reach.
  • The content in your photo is relevant to your marketing message.
  • Use creative hashtags that lets people share what you are doing. Be specific with your hashtags, but don’t forget to use ones relevant to the message.
  • Invite people to tag others who might be interested in your Instagram ads. This means people would send the photo to other people on the site.
  • Don’t be afraid to make some of your posts detailed. While simple posts can be easy to read, some photos with many features can be interesting. People might try to look at all the details of such a shot.

When Should You Post?

It is typically best to post ads on Instagram during the later parts of the day when people are not working. You will easily get your message out when you post during off-work hours.

Creating an Instagram Ad

Follow these steps to create your own Instagram ad to display on the platform:

  • Choose the type of ad.

You can utilize one of these options:

  • An image feed ad displays an image that you have posted. This is great for most intentions.
  • An image story ad is similar to an image feed but for stories.
  • A video feed ad helps you post a video online.
  • A carousel feed ad links many images together in a layout to scroll through. You can choose where individual images go on the carousel as is on Facebook.
  • Select a photo, video, or series of photos from your Instagram account.
  • Review the description, hashtags, and other features displayed next to the photo.
  • Confirm that you will use the photo or other bits of media on your Instagram ads.
  • Add a call-to-action button on the photo at the end.

Overall, the process for advertising on Instagram is similar to that of advertising on Facebook. Instagram uses a great visual design you can take advantage of.

Watch how you post on Instagram and that you utilize the right images or videos. Make sure you use the precise instructions for uploading too. While it is easy to add a new post from the camera in your mobile device, it is just as easy to upload something onto that device and move it to Instagram.

Other Tips You Should Consider For Your Instagram Marketing Campaign Embed Instagram Videos into Blogs or Websites When Implementing Instagram For Schools

Embed Instagram Videos into Blogs or Websites. Instagram recently released an embed feature for desktop web browsers so that you can embed your videos into your blog or business website.

instagram ads 456

Because you never know who is going to see your shares on a social networking platform, embed the Instagram video to extend the reach of your content.

Follow Your Followers Back

The people you’re following on social networking platforms will make all the different in the world. Many brands on Instagram, some who have a very large following, don’t follow their followers back. You should find the brands and people you like and can learn from in your followers, and then follow them back.

Post Relevant Post

Post photos that are relevant to not only your school business but also relevant to your potential customers.

Use Trend to Market Your Brand

Twitter used to have a #thankgodisfriday hashtag that gained a lot of attention. You can use hashtags trending on Instagram to help out your brand. Find some trending ones that pertain to your brand and join in on the fun!

Create an Amazing Profile

Like their counterparts on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram profiles have to include branding information in a specific way. Use the maximum number of characters available to you, pay attention to the wording and tone you use, and use specific image sizes. Complete your profile with all the information your customers could potentially need to find you and do business with you.

Showcase Employee Photos

Showing employees at work not only gives your potential clients and customers behind-the-scenes access to your company, but it’s a great way to celebrate the staff and show them how much you value them. A great way to do this is to share pictures of people who have completed milestones, had successes, or have a special talent.

Use Hashtags Related to Your Industry or Niche

If you’re at a location or an event that’s designated with a hashtag, then add it to your photos, so attendees and event coordinators are able to find them. Track the relevance of your hashtags using the Instagram analytics tool Nitrogram, which provides you with metrics such as:

  • contributors
  • Engagement
  • Content
  • and context for hashtags. 
Conclusion on Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram in 2021

Below is a video on how to run Instagram Ads making this post on Instagram For Schools: Ultimate Guide On How To Promote Your School On Instagram complete.


If you have any additional point or comment, let’s hear about it in the comment section.

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