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Schedule a Free 30-minute SEO consultation. Ask any SEO related questions during the FREE SEO CONSULTATION and get answers from an expert SEO analyst.

During our FREE SEO CONSULTATION with our clients, in order to develop a thorough digital marketing strategy, it is essential we know what our clients’ business activities consist of, as well as the structure of the website and social media presence. We must understand all your business efforts and goals.

As a result of this analysis we get to find out what your target market and competitors are, and see what their demographic structure is.

If you are here, that means you need a Free SEO Consultation and:

  • Do you want to know why your website is not appearing on page 1 of Google’s SERP?
  • Has your traffic growth slowed down or disappeared completely and nothing you do reverses the trend?
  • Are you in need of White-Hat SEO tactics to improve your website?
  • Are you in need of a thorough SEO consultation about your website?


Did you know that a problem shared is a problem half solved? Well, shared with the right person of course. Talking to the right people about your SEO strategy is the best place to start your SEO.

Getting to know your business and goals is the first step. During your SEO consultation and evaluation with us, we will take the time to research and understand your current digital presence, your current SEO goals, your market niche, your competitions, your website and where we see opportunities for improvement.

When you contact Us for Free SEO Consultation

We will need you to:

  • Tell us about your business
  • Tell us about your current customers
  • Tell us about your website
  • Tell us about your digital presence
  • Tell us about those you thin about your main competitors
  • Tell us about what you are looking for SEO to achieve
  • Tell us about your goals for events, products, services, special offers
  • Tell us your email address.
Ask any SEO related questions during the FREE SEO CONSULTATION and get answers from an expert SEO analyst. When we are done with your consultation, we will create a PDF to summarize what we have found and send to your email address, and join us on Whatsapp, Zoom for personal one-on-one brainstorms as well.

It’s time to book a FREE SEO CONSULTATION time today for a friendly conversation about SEO for your business in Nigeria. You’ve read a thousand times that great marketing is formed around relationships. Why not start one today?

Schedule a Free 30-minute SEO consultation. meet online through Phone Call, Whatsapp or Zoom to discuss your business needs. Once you schedule your day and time, your meeting and video call link will be sent right away and reminders every day. 

Our Free SEO Consultation examines your current SEO implementation on your website.

We make use of our professional tools to analyze and list the portions of your business website or blog to be improved, which includes in technical SEO features, National SEO features, Local SEO features, Competitive analysis, content analysis,,  On-page SEO features, Off-Page SEO features, Keyword analysis and others

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    You can definitely expect a clear cut advice, with no holding back from us.

    To be candid, we know how to cut to the chase, and suggest only the highest ‘return on SEO and Digital marketing investment’ activities – for you and your team.

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    During our FREE SEO CONSULTATION, We’ll also walk you through if it’s appropriate for you to hire an outside team to carry out some of that SEO task or have your in-house team do it. We are extremely cognizant of the fact that some businesses do not need an external SEO agency to do the SEO tasks for them – but in some cases it’s appropriate, and we will make appropriate suggestions accordingly.

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