Top 3 Best Secondary Schools in Amuwo Odofin in 2022

In this post, we will be looking at the Top 3 best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin Lagos, Nigeria. While there are many good private primary schools in Amuwo, we will only be listing and discussing the best 3. The criteria used to choose these schools are:

In this post, we will be looking at the Top 3 best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin Lagos, Nigeria. While there are many good private primary schools in Amuwo, we will only be listing and discussing the best 3. The criteria used to choose these schools are:

  • Curriculum used in the school
  • Examinations students seat for.
  • Achievement in external competitions
  • Provisions of laboratories
  • Educators experience
  • Accreditations
  • Mission statements
  • Core values and
  • Vision
  • Parents comment and many other factors.

One of the Top 3 Best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin : City Pride

City pride school was established on 16th august, 2004 with a total number of six pupils today the school has become a household name within Amuwo Odofin, Festac community and beyond due to her consistency in building great minds.

One of the Top 3 Best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin : City Pride

City pride has grown from strength to strength, in terms of infrastructure, every effort has been made to ensure effective teaching and conducive environment for learning.

The school moved to her permanent site in September 2013. It is presently located on about seven acres of land. on account of academic excellence a lot of development programmes have been carefully introduced into the system and also the curriculum has been designed to suit what the 21st century school offers. the performance of students in all external examinations have been outstanding.

City Pride Schools seek to discover and nurture student potentials towards academic and moral excellence. The school is poised to redefine education in Nigeria by emphasizing the link between character and learning. 

City Pride prepares student to become solution and not challenges wherever they find themselves. When you talk about a school with top-notch facilities, City pride simply have the best.


Admission Is Open Into City Pride Schools At Lekki And Amuwo Odofin. Forms May Be Purchased At The Cost Of 5,000 Naira And Examination Conducted On Request.


To build a total child who will be ahead of future challenges


To discover, nuture and polish the latent(hidden) talents in children towards academic excellence

Core Value

  • Excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Innovation


City pride schools run a blend of the British and Nigeria curricula. The curriculum is broad based and covers subjects in the arts, sciences ans social science and technology. City pride also emphasize co-curricular activities, skills development programme and character building. it is an all round package aim at the development of the total child.

Examinations Written Include: Cambridge Checkpoint, BECE WASCE, IGCSE O/A Levels, SAT


24, Akin Mateola Drive, off M.R.S Fuel Station, Along Apple junction –

festac Link Road Amuwo, Lagos.

 0706 293 9782, 0802 472 8601, 0803 068 4695, 0803 491 5033



One of the Top 3 Best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin: Chrisland Schools

Chrisland schools as one of the Top 3 best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin in 2021 is a co-educational day and boarding school located in Amuwo Odofin axis in Lagos state. Chrisland Schools pride herself as the largest privately owned educational institution in Nigeria.

Best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin

Founded in 1977 by the Chairman, High Chief Winifred Awosika with a vision to be at the forefront of private education in Nigeria, and having a leadership position from kindergarten to tertiary level, she has achieved that today.

In 2019, all Chrisland Schools were nationally ranked amongst the best international schools in the country. Through strong values, have achieved 12 educational accreditations, both national and international. The accreditations include:

  • Cambridge International Examinations
  • AISA
  • OEQA
  • Alliance Francaise among others


Our Vision is to be at the forefront in the private education sector, and to nurture the children to become all they can be through quality all-round education, from kindergarten to tertiary level.

Mission Statement

Chrisland is dedicated to the general advancement of humanity, through quality education, dedicated service and total commitment. The light is our focus. Love is our sustenance. In this new age of awareness, an all-round education is the answer to all challenges of life. With our light and our love the best is our lot.


Goal; simply put, is a child centered education, for the realization of maximum self-discovery and development in life, through personal attention to each child. This is carried out through the three basic sectors of learning in the school: cognitive, affective and psychomotor.

Core Values

  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Love
  • Excellence


As one of the 3 best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin in 2021, all Chrisland teachers hold advanced degrees and are specialist in their own right.

Being one of the best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin in 2021 and in the execution of a progressive 21st century curriculum Chrisland schools have educators that are:

  •  Facilitators of learning
  •  Providers of learning opportunities
  •  Evaluators of learning
  •  Assessors of progress
  •  Reflexive educational professionals
  •  Inspirational leaders

Curriculum Development in Chrisland Schools is a dynamic process that is always based on the results, findings, outcomes and suggestions of action research projects.

Admission process into Chrisland Secondary School

All children to be admitted are required to have their admission forms completed by their parents/guardians. The ages for admission are :

  • 2 – 5 year olds for the Pre-school and Reception classes
  • 5 – 6 year olds for primary school.

The selection process depends largely on scores obtained from the I.Q. tests that will be given and other types of tests/interviews administered by the school. Offer of admission is however on a first come, first served basis.

The admission form can be completed online. Parents are advised to fill the admission forms correctly. This is to ensure that proper record of information about the applicant is obtained. Those who pass the test and interviews consequently get an offer of admission and parents are usually required to pay an admission fee.

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The curriculum

The Curriculum (British and Nigerian Curricula) encourages a broad, in-depth and balanced entitlement to learning which encourages creativity and innovation, based on the higher cognitive domains of learning. The outcomes of the Curriculum lasts a lifetime and encourages life long learning.


Details of fees and levies can be obtained from the accounts department of the school. All fees and charges are paid through bank drafts. The fees for each term should be paid on or before the first day of the term. Fees are subject to review from time to time. Notice of an increase in fees is usually given a considerable time before hand.

School fees are paid annually or termly,but  are due on or before the first day of school. These include Registration, Tuition, Deposit, Accommodation and Feeding, as well as Caution. Fees are subject to upward review when necessary.

Full and prompt payments made annually are discounted.


Plot 277A,

Comer Road, Palm Vale Estate

Durbar Road, Amuwo Odofin

Festac, Lagos, NG

+234 (0) 8087579810 +234 (0) 8094236404


One of the Top 3 Best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin : STEE Schools

STEE as one of the Top 3 best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin in 2021 is a reputable academic institution established to promote excellent academic, moral, intellectual training to learners from pre-school to post secondary levels. Focusing primarily on raising godly children with sound academic training to be responsible adults contributing to the socio-economic development of their world.

Best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin Lagis Nigeria

STEE was established on the premise that education holds the key to a better life

Every child deserves to be properly equipped with the necessary foundation skills required to function effectively

that we carefully handle our learning process in order to ensure that we are preparing adequately for our tomorrow

Since September 1978, S-TEE has maintained a strong commitment to imparting sound moral, academic, spiritual and life training skills into our learners.

Believing that if our processes (tutoring, teaching, modelling, coaching, training, counselling, etc) are well structured and implemented, we will produce great minds, expert thinkers, solution-driven personnel, who will take the world by storm.

S-TEE’s culture in over 35 years has been carefully structured and maintained in order to keep up the image and project the values as a top flight educational institution committed to producing well rounded students with a disciplined lifestyle, committed to excellence in academics, attitude and appearance.


Every staff of the institution operates by the codes of the school’s mission, the spirit of the school’s anthem, the confessions of the school’s creed and the demands of her core values.

STEE’s vision is to raise godly men and women who will create positive changes in the world and we appreciate the importance of our culture in sustaining the vision.

With well trained faculty constantly upgraded and exposed to modern teaching methods, STEE teachers adopt the personalities and attributes of coaches, mentors, counselors, trainers, role models in raising learners to thrive in a healthy community of mutual respect.


STEE’s curriculum is a rich blend of our national education curriculum and global educational standards/world view. It is designed to deliver world class citizens, able to function and thrive in any higher institution anywhere in the world and ultimately to be well equipped to create value and create wealth in any economic climate.


Our vision is to build hopes, academic excellence and leadership aspirations of young people by delivering a programmed education that inspires them to realize their full potentials.

Core Values

  • Excellence
  • Discipline
  • Caring
  • Tolerance


To raise a godly generation of students with high moral and academic standards to become global leaders who will stand for excellence and integrity.



5th Avenue, H Close

Festac Town, Lagos Nigeria.

Conclusion on the Top 3 Best secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin in 2021

As a parent who wants to know the Top 3 best Secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin in 2021 to enroll your children and wards, now you know the first two schools to consider. As mentioned earlier, there are other good schools in Amuwo Odofin, but this post is centered on the Top 3 Best Secondary schools in Amuwo Odofin in 2021.

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