What are the 3 Pillars of SEO ? Straight To The Point

In this post, I will be discussing the 3 pillars of SEO. Understanding the 3 pillars of SEO will give you a full understanding of how to create an SEO plan that works and what you must do to make it work.

In this post, I will be discussing the 3 pillars of SEO. Understanding the 3 pillars of SEO will give you a full understanding of how to create an SEO plan that works and what you must do to make it work.

Why is SEO important to your entire website and entire business marketing plan?

SEO should be an important part of your business marketing plan and should never be overlooked as long as you have a blog or a business website. The following are the benefits of SEO to your entire website and entire business plan.

  • SEO will get you lots of traffic
  • SEO will make you win competition
  • SEO will get you lots of growth for your website.
  • SEO will get you lots of shares on Social Media.
  • SEO will make your website popular
  • SEO will get you lots of sales
  • SEO will place your website in front of the right people. People that are actually searching for your products and services.
  • SEO builds trust because your website content are displayed to your visitors like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • SEO influences your rank on search engines.

Applying the 3 pillars of SEO to rank or show up on page 1 of Google Search Engine Result Page and staying there should be your target. Showing up on page 2, 3, 4 won’t get you much traffic as being on Page 1. In fact you wont get half of the traffic.

3 Pillars of SEO

The 3 Pillars of SEO

Any SEO strategy should be build on the 3 pillars of SEO. The three pillars are:

  • Relevance
  • Trust and
  • Quality

The 3 pillars of SEO must work together in order for your SEO strategy and implementation to be successful.


This is how close and relevant the content of your website are close to the search query of a searcher. To make your content relevant:

  • Make your content SEO friendly by adhering to the rule of its algorithm by adding –
    • Titles
    • Relevant description
    • Links
    • Images with Alt description
    • Tags

And also making sure your website content is well organized. This ensures your pages are crawl-able by search engines Spider. Spiders love pages that are neat and well organized as it makes it easier for them to crawl.

  • Focus on one topic. Do not include irrelevant paragraphs that add no meaning to your topic in your content.
  • Include all relevant information about your topic.
  • Make sure your content is optimized for mobile phones. If your website was designed in WordPress, you could easily use a WordPress theme that is optimized for mobile. Such themes include:
    • Ocean WP
    • Astra
    • Neve and many others
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Search engines make use of different factors that determines the trust level for your website. Such factors can include:

  • Having a Privacy Policy page.
  • Having a Terms and Conditions Page.
  • Having a Disclosure page.
  • Your article length should at least be 600 words. Keep your word length between 600 and 2,000.
  • Link to trusted sites that are relevant to your website content.
  • Make people stay longer on your website by writing long interesting articles, linking to other posts on your website and also making use of videos in your content.


With search engines like Google, quality matters. To be on the quality side,

  • Write high quality content.
  • Write content that are the best for your written topic. You just have to opt to be the best, period. This makes you unique and stand out among too much noise from the competitors.
  • If you don’t write the best content, then forget about all your SEO effort.

Now you know the 3 pillars of SEO, the terms and what each stands for. Always ensure to take thes to mind whenever you are planning your SEO strategy.

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